Tips on How to Sell a Car with Expired Registration

March 7, 2012

You’re trying to sell a car with expired registration, but you’re not sure if there is anything special you have to do before being able to sell the car. Below you will find some ideas to use when trying to sell an expired title vehicle.

Register it

This is the easiest and most obvious solution of any of them. If the car requires a smog check and you plan on selling it within the next 30 days (in most states), go ahead and get the smog check done and register the vehicle. Most states require the seller to provide emissions certification, so this will save time in the longer run. Besides, many people won’t buy a car with expired tags because they’re afraid the tags may be expired because there is either something seriously wrong with the car or there are tickets holding the registration. This is in line with the so–called lemon laws some states have on the books where if a car is shown to have chronic problems, it is labeled a lemon and then the previous owner is saddled with certain requirements that vary from state to state. Consult your local motor vehicles department for more information on your state’s vehicle lemon laws.

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Mark Down the Price

One way to gain the attention of buyers when trying to sell a car with expired registration is to discount the sale price. Going hand in hand with this idea is having all of the proper paperwork required to bring the registration up to date and ready for the new owner to file with the bill of sale and transfer of title paperwork. Most states will charge a penalty in addition to the regular registration fees when you try to sell an expired title or registration car. The amount of the penalty will be based upon the cost of the normal registration and how long the registration has been expired for. If you own a vehicle with an expired registration, the seller is responsible for these fees, so the asking price should be discounted a commensurate amount.

File Non-Op

Most states have a registration option known as non-operative, or non-op. This applies normally to vehicles that aren’t usable, usually for mechanical reasons. But it will suspend the requirement for current registration. The fee is usually quite small and will make the selling of your expired title automobile much easier. There may be a small penalty to pay if the registration has been expired for certain lengths of time.

No Test Drive

If you’re trying to sell a car with expired registration, you should keep in mind if you allow it to be taken out for a test drive, you will be just as liable for any registration related tickets that are issued during any test drives. Since most, if not all, auto sales occur after a test drive, it will behoove you to register the vehicle to help it sell quicker.

Above, you have been given some information and advice for use when try to sell a car with expired registration.

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