Two good powertrains. One of the 2022 Toyota Camry’s best qualities is just how many powertrains it’s available with. The regular Camry is available with two different engines, while the Camry Hybrid brings another dimension to the midsize sedan. The Camry’s engines are different enough to where there’s very little overlap.

The standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine produces 203 horsepower and is paired with a silky-smooth, eight-speed automatic transmission. While 203 horsepower may not sound all that impressive, it’s enough for daily use and plenty to get the Camry down the road. The Camry’s four-cylinder engine also has a trick up its sleeve — it’s available with all-wheel drive. For consumers in inclement weather, the Camry offers more usability than options like the Mazda6 or Honda Accord.

The real gem in Camry’s lineup of powertrains is the 3.5-liter V6 engine. While others in the segment have moved toward offering turbocharged four-cylinder engines, Toyota continues to fit the Camry with a naturally aspirated V6. It produces 301 horsepower and can get the sedan to 60 mph from a standstill in less than six seconds. Oddly, the V6 is only available with front-wheel drive. That doesn’t diminish its appeal from a performance standpoint but certainly does when considering all-weather usability.

A safe family sedan.Toyota offers the Camry with an extensive list of standard safety features. Some of the features are part of Toyota’s Safety Sense 2.5 Plus suite. Every Camry comes standard with lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, lane trace assist, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition.

Since Toyota doesn’t offer a lot of optional packages, consumers have to move up to a higher trim level to get more features like blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, a head-up display, a surround-view parking camera, and reverse automatic emergency braking.

Both the NHTSA and IIHS have completed their crash-testing on the 2022 Camry. The NHTSA gave the Camry a five-star overall safety rating, while the sedan was awarded with the IIHS’ Top Safety Pick+ rating. The 2022 Camry earned a rating of “Good” in all six of the institute’s crash tests, has headlights that earned a “Good” rating and has a front crash prevention system that earned a “Superior” rating.

Spacious, but quality varies. The Camry may not have the large body style of an SUV, but the sedan still has a spacious interior for five people. Both rows offer generous seating for adults, while the seats are comfortable and spacious.

The main issue with the Camry is the difference in quality between low-end trims and high-end ones. The LE trim has rough plastics and a somber, all-black interior design. On the flip side, the XLE trim, which features leather upholstery and heated front seats, has a premium feel. While climbing a model’s ladder usually results in more features, this wide contrast in quality is peculiar for the midsize segment.

While the Camry’s interior is spacious, its trunk is on the smaller side of things for the class. The trunk offers 15.1 cubic feet of space, which is plenty for grocery bags or a weekend road trip, but it’s smaller than what you’ll find with other sedans.

Awkward styling. The Camry makes a statement with its styling, though we don’t think everyone will appreciate what it’s trying to do. The sedan has a slim, V-shaped grille and a massive air intake for a front end that looks like it’s smiling or at least sneering. The rear end is far more subdued, but the controversial front end kicks things off on a bad note for a lot of shoppers.

If the regular Camry’s look is contentious, the sporty TRD model’s design is sure to bring about even more mixed emotions. The boy-racer has an aggressive front fascia with enormous air intakes, assertive side sills, massive exhaust outlets, and a prominent spoiler that makes it look like something out of the Fast & Furious franchise. With a V6 engine and front-wheel drive, we do think the TRD is overdoing it a bit, but it’s good to see that Toyota still has a sense of humor.

Final thoughts. With available all-wheel drive, a punchy V6 engine, and a spacious interior, the 2022 Toyota Camry does its best to stop consumers from switching to an SUV. Compared to the competition, the Camry’s divisive styling and lack of refinement are reasons to look at other choices. Even though Toyota offers the Camry in a sporty TRD model, the Camry still isn’t a sports sedan that you’ll want to take to the track.

The Honda Accord is the segment favorite with peppy engines, a large interior, and enjoyable driving dynamics. The Hyundai Sonata features a stylish design, can be equipped with loads of tech features and offers excellent value. It’s available in a wide range of trims and has a sporty N Line trim.

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