Wide lineup. Minivans are known for being highly flexible vehicles, but the 2022 Toyota Sienna’s lineup showcases just how versatile it is. The entry-level LE is a great budget-friendly family hauler or ride-sharing vehicle, and the newly available Woodland Edition adds some ability to go on an outdoor adventure, and the XSE is a sporty-looking option. With the Sienna, there’s something for everyone.

While the Sienna costs more than the majority of minivans in the class, it comes with more features. Even the base LE trim comes well equipped with a nine-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, seven USB ports, tri-zone automatic climate control, power-sliding side doors, and a power liftgate. For most consumers, the LE is more than enough.

Our trim of choice is the XLE. The trim manages to hit the sweet spot with heated front seats, synthetic leather upholstery, quad-zone automatic climate control, second-row captain’s chairs, a moonroof, and hands-free power-sliding side doors.

We don’t recommend going much higher than the XLE trim. After that, the Sienna’s value starts to decline. The range-topping Platinum trim starts at $51,290 with destination, but it doesn’t feel as luxurious as its price tag would suggest.

Seriously efficient. Unlike every other minivan on sale, the Sienna is only available with a hybrid powertrain. The powertrain includes a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor for a combined output of 245 horsepower. A CVT handles the shifts. All-wheel-drive models come with an additional electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

Compared to the competition, the Sienna is one of the most efficient minivans on sale. The only minivan that gets better fuel economy figures than the Sienna is the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, which is a plug-in hybrid. The majority of other minivans are rated to get around 22 mpg combined, but the Sienna can get up to 36 mpg combined. That’s a huge difference.

Unfortunately, the Sienna’s excellent fuel economy comes at the expense of performance. The minivan feels peppy around town and in the city but lacks the power to pass vehicles on the highway. The way the Sienna performs is a large difference compared to the previous model’s V6 engine. The good news is that the Sienna features a smooth ride when equipped with 17- and 18-inch wheels. The XSE’s 20-inch wheels result in a firmer ride.

Comfortable cabin.Toyota offers the Sienna in both seven- and eight-passenger configurations. The seven-passenger layout is the more comfortable option, as the middle seat in the second row in the eight-passenger option is an uncomfortable seat that’s nestled into the middle of modified captain’s chairs. Plus, the second-row captain’s chairs make it easier to access the third row and can slide forward and backward on a 25-inch rail for extra legroom or cargo space.

Thanks to the sliding second row, the third row can be adjusted to provide a large amount of legroom. The main issue with sitting in the back is the uncomfortable bench seat and tiny rear window. The latter makes the third row claustrophobic for taller passengers. Unlike competitors, the Sienna’s third-row folds into the cargo floor, but you’ll have to put some effort into completing the task. Others have electrically folding third-row seats.

When it comes to cargo space, the Sienna isn’t as spacious as its competitors. The Sienna’s second-row seats don’t fold flat and they can’t be removed. This greatly hinders the minivan’s cargo space. Configure the Sienna’s interior properly, and you’re looking at 101 cubic feet of cargo space. Other minivans in the segment offer up to 158 cubic feet of cargo space, which is a far greater figure.

Aggressive styling. Automakers don’t focus on making minivans look good. A stylish design isn’t too high up on the priority list for the majority of minivan shoppers. That may have been why the body style was replaced by the SUV as the family vehicle. For shoppers that want a minivan that doesn’t look like a minivan, the 2022 Sienna fits the bill.

We hesitate to say that any minivan has an aggressive design, but that’s the case with the Sienna. The minivan’s massive grille, lightning bolt headlights, angular lines, and GR Supra-inspired taillights make the Sienna look bold and daring. The design won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s hard to call the Sienna boring.

It’s a similar story on the inside, where the minivan features a fashionable, modern design. The dashboard features the same sharp angles as the exterior, while a lengthy center console extends out of the dash. It’s a cohesive, stylish design that doesn’t feel like it belongs in a minivan.

Final thoughts. The 2022 Toyota Sienna ushers in a new age of minivans. Incredibly efficient, stylish, and available in a wide range of trims that include a sporty model and a light off-roader, the Sienna doesn’t fit the traditional minivan stereotype. For shoppers that are returning to a minivan or getting into one for the first time, the Sienna is a good option.

The only issue that we can spot with the Sienna is its below-average cargo area. The minivan’s non-removable or foldable second row of seats is also a major hassle, but one that most people will be able to get around.

Chrysler was one of the first automakers to come out with a minivan and the current Chrysler Pacifica continues to be a trendsetter. The Pacifica comes with nifty features like Stow ’n Go seats, up to 140.5 cubic feet of cargo space, and a large 10.1-inch touchscreen. It’s offered with a 287-hp 3.6-liter V6 that delivers impressive performance.

The all-new 2022 Kia Carnival looks to upend the minivan segment in a similar manner to the Sienna. It has a rugged design, high-end features, loads of tech features, and a massive cargo area that offers up to 145.1 cubic feet of cargo space. The Carnival is front-wheel-drive only and comes with a 3.5-liter V6 engine.

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