4 Best Places to Find a Used Truck

June 9, 2014

If you want to find used truck models easily, there are several options you can try to find the best used trucks possible, but take a look at these few simple tips.

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Local Community Ads

Every community will have local community ads they use to put up ads about local sales. You can check the local church boards, community center boards and even local car or truck dealers who will have a list of the local owners wanting to sell their used truck camper attachments or used trucks. You can contact the owner personally and find out the truck model and the quality before you buy it.

Craigslist Ads

There is a section on craigslist that deals with old and used goods, and even barters. These sites will be willing to swap goods with you for a nominal amount or sell you a used truck bed if you need it. Please remember to check the geographical location of the seller or you could be stuck with a big transport bill for the goods you have purchased.


Websites are the best place to find used truck goods. You will find there are thousands of websites that will list each truck for sale along with a photo and its consumer review. These websites are classified according to two varieties. One will only list the previous owners name and allow you to contact the owner and buy directly from them. The other website, like truckstore.com, will also list the same events, but they will sell to you directly through the website itself. These websites may have refurbished used trucks and you will be able to get a limited warranty on the used truck you are buying. eBay is another website where you will be able to find reliable cars for sale. You will be able to find cars and used trucks from any model and manufacturer listed at the site. There are online auctions and 'buy it now' options too that make the site reliable and easy to operate.

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AD Search Engines

There are special websites that will search through hundreds of listings all over the net to find the best used trucks for you. The only problem here is that these used truck ads may have expired or they might already have been sold. Make sure you investigate these ads well before you go ahead and research them for a sale.

No matter what source you use to find your ads, remember most used trucks for sale have to be thoroughly investigated. Always take another person with you to check out the truck you are going to be buying, and never buy trucks that look like they have been in an accident.

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