4 Top Aftermarket Fuel Injection Systems: Ratings and Reviews

January 27, 2012

There are many aftermarket fuel injection systems and parts available today. Several companies provide great products that you can use to repair or maintain your fuel injected engine.

  1. ACCEL DFI: The ACCEL aftermarket fuel injection systems are the result of 4 years of intensive research. The ACCEL DFI system is the most popular and one of the most reliable aftermarket fuel injection systems available. The Gen II version of the ACCEL system features idle air control, knock control, fueling control and acceleration enrichment management. It is available in different configurations, ranging from the basic system to the extensive. For crate-engine combinations, the Gen II version also comes with a Plug-n-Play system. It has the ability to operate 3 stages of nitrous oxide as well as calculate the amount of fuel enrichment for each of these stages. The system can also create a program that can fit your specific applications. Aside from this, the Gen VII has a volumetric efficiency estimator which creates a VE table. The Gen VII is a little bit expensive, but is well worth it.
  2. Electromotive's TEC System: Next to the ACCEL DFI system is the Electromotive's TEC system. This EFI is probably one of the most sophisticated EFI with MAF-digital. Just like the Gen VII, the TEC system is expensive, setting you back at least $2,000 because its patented fuel injection and direct ignition control are combined in one. This computer programmable control system features a Window-based tuning system. Electromotive EFI system is available in TEC II and TEC III. The TEC III is an upgrade on the TEC II with the addition of a new processing platform. It has a patented digital Direct Ignition Control as well as anodized ECU that has waterproof OEM style connectors.
  3. FAST: Fuel, air, spark technology or FAST is capable of converting your engine to an EFI using a standalone system. Formerly called the Speed-Pro system, FAST was designed specifically for C-Com WP PC Windows-based software. This makes for easy tune ups. It also allows you to simultaneously look at timing curves, fuel maps, data logs and enrichment tables. However, one of the best features of FAST is that you can tune the system over the Internet. All you need to do is plug in your computer or laptop to the ECU, and provide the tuner with the IP address. Also, just like the ACCEL DFI system, FAST can let you simultaneously edit enrichment tables, timing curves, data logs and fuel maps.
  4. MoTeC System: MoTec fuel injection system features a three dimensional fuel and ignition control and mapping. This feature enables the user to set the time for the spark as well as drive the ignition modules at its maximum at all times. It has individual and injection cylinder fuel/ignition trims that can handle engines with eight cylinders. With its programmable flash memory chip, you can store programs without the need for a program chip or EPROM. MoTec's mass air fuel injection system has passed all emission testings, which also covers closed-loop narrow-band lambda control.

Related Questions and Answers

Are Aftermarket Fuel Injection Systems Used Only for Muscle Cars?

Aftermarket fuel injection systems are simply fuel injection systems that can be added to your car's engine, usually for a few hundred dollars in parts cost and a few hours of labor. Fuel injection is the fuel supply method of choice on almost every gasoline-powered engine these days because they offer increased efficiency and horsepower due to the increased atomization of the fuel. While they are found on more muscle car upgrades these days, they aren't just for muscle cars. If your older carbureted car needs a little boost of horsepower or fuel economy, you should start looking into aftermarket fuel injection systems.

What Does MPI and TPI Stand for with Aftermarket Fuel Injection?

There are a number of types of aftermarket fuel injection systems available. Fuel injection for gasoline-powered engines was first introduced on the Chevrolet Corvette in the Fifties, when the carburetor was king. Injection offers more complete atomization of the fuel air mixture, which creates more power and delivers better economy. MPI stands for Multi-Port Injection and TPI stands for Tuned Port Injection. Both have multiple injectors. However, in TPI, the injector is in the intake manifold, while in TPI systems, the injectors are in the head, injecting directly into the combustion chamber. This type of fuel injection system is more efficient and is able to produce more power than other forms of injection.

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