5 Used Medium Duty Trucks Known for Their Reliability

March 28, 2012

Find out when medium duty trucks make the best utility vehicles, and learn about the top 5 used medium duty truck models on the market.

Medium Duty Truck

When you are looking for used medium duty trucks, reliability is significant. Here are five highly reliable vehicles that have kept customers satisfied for years.

Toyota T100 (1993-1998)

This truck is ranked number one for its reliability. While these vehicles have never seemed to be all that successful in the U.S. market, perhaps because they are equipped with V6 engines, the T100 is tough, easy to drive and very responsive. Toyota stopped their production in 1998 and went on to introduce the Tundra in 2000, which has a V8.

Toyota Tacoma (1995-2005)

The second most reliable used truck, the Tacoma came into U.S. production in 1995. In 1998 the Tacoma had changes to its frame and then was updated again in 2005. In 2005 it was even given Motor Trend's 2005 Truck of the Year Award. The first Tacoma actually came out in 1969 and it was called the Hilux.

Nissan Frontier (1998-2002)

The Frontier is considered the third most reliable used truck, with the 2002 model being the most reliable during this time period. When it first hit the streets of America in 1998, it really didn't take off too well until Nissan redesigned it, making it a little bigger and more appealing. It is affordable for its age. It has a towing capacity of 6,500 pounds and has a 265 hp V6 engine.

Subaru Baja (2003-2006)

This truck first hit the U.S. in 2003, and even though it has now been discontinued, the ones that are still out on the streets are considered very reliable and versatile. It combines the short bed of a pickup with a four-door sedan, and it's an all wheel drive vehicle. Billed as a four person vehicle, the back seat can be folded down to increase the cargo space.

Honda Ridgeline (2006-2009)

This is an unusual full sized truck that has its cargo bed actually connected to its cabin. It's an all wheel drive vehicle that has a V6 engine with a five speed automatic transmission. It can tow 5,000 pounds of extra weight. It also received the Truck of the Year Award in 2006, making it one of the most recent market marvels.

What Can Medium Duty Trucks Be Used For?

Used medium duty trucks have just as many uses as heavy duty trucks. The only stipulation is that you have to be careful how much weight you carry in them.

  • Hauling. Medium duty trucks are regularly used to haul various materials from one place to another. These can be materials as straightforward as landscaping substances like dirt, sand, mulch and yard debris, though they can also be a wide variety of other things as well. Be sure that you know the maximum weight allowed in the bed of your truck before you fill it up.
  • Towing. Medium duty trucks can also be used to pull various machines and trailers. Attach a small trailer to the back of your medium duty truck in order to haul goods or cargo. Small boats and other vehicles can also be hitched to the rear of the truck.
  • Moving. Medium duty trucks are useful as moving trucks; simply stack furniture and other items in the bed of the truck and haul them from your previous home to your new place of residence.

Medium duty trucks have a wide variety of other potential uses as well, depending upon the tasks that you have in mind. Be careful not to overload the truck, as this can cause damage to the body.

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