6 Tips for Negotiating the Best Price on Ex Demo Cars

January 27, 2012

Buying ex demo cars is a great way to save money when looking for a new or almost new car. The demo car is the one that is used in the showroom, used for test spins and could have been driven by a salesperson. A demo car lasts about 3 months before it is changed out, and you can purchase one and not have the depreciation immediately drop the minute you drive off the lot. These negotiating auto sales tips can help you get the best deal.

1. What Is an Ex Demo Car?

Your first step in negotiating is making sure you are getting an ex demo car. Some cars that are sold as ex demo are actually 6 month lease cars. Don't go by mileage alone. A true ex demo car will be excellently maintained and generally must have a specific mileage limit in order to be legally sold as a demonstrator vehicle. The car also probably has all the bells and whistles. You need to make sure you know what the ex demo car actually has on it in order to negotiate the best price.

2. Always Negotiate

You may be completely satisfied with the price offered on an ex demo car, but car salesmen expect you to haggle. The advertised price is only the start of the negotiations. To buy an ex demo car you will have to go to a dealership. You need to have some information about the value of the car which can be found online using provided vehicle guides.

3. When to Buy the Car

You can find discount demo cars at specific times of the year. When a new model comes out, the dealer will upgrade the demo car and have the old one available for purchase. You can get a discount when the new models are released, as the dealer will want to get rid of last year's cars, including the demo cars. Pay attention to when the new models come out.

4. Trading In

You can trade in your old vehicle and have the price taken off the ex demo vehicle. In this case, you want to research the actual market value of your vehicle so you know exactly what to get. You can receive a great deal on the trade in as well as the ex demo price.

5. Payment

You specifically want to try to push the price down if you are going to pay in cash, as most dealers make the largest profit by also financing the purchase. If you are planning to pay in cash, wait until after the price has been negotiated to let the dealer know, and then do not budge on the price. There is no special cash price versus a financing price.

6. It's Like Buying a Used Car

Buying a demo car is like buying a used car, and negotiations should proceed in the same way. An ex demo car may be labeled as new, but it's not. It's used, and don't let the salesperson tell you different. When you walk in with the correct information you can easily get a great price.

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