Alabama Bill of Sale Form: How to Get One, Fill it Out, and the Required Information

January 27, 2012

In order to legally complete the process of buying or selling a used car in the state of Alabama, you'll need to complete an Alabama bill of sale that serves as a legal notice of the transaction. The bill of sale is the state's primary legal proof of the sale process. It's not necessary if you're buying or selling a used car through a dealership, but is useful for anyone who completes a transaction of this type with another individual. A motor vehicles bill of sale is available through the local DMV. Read on for useful advice on how to obtain and complete a free auto bill of sale form in the state of Alabama, as well as important information about what to do with the bill of sale form after you've filled it out.

How to Get an Alabama Bill of Sale

In order to get an Alabama bill of sale, you'll need to pay a visit to your local DMV. Visit the DMV branch office closest to you and request a copy of the state bill of sale form to fill out. You can also go to the Alabama state DMV website to obtain a downloadable and printable copy of the blank bill of sale sheet as well. Print out a copy of the bill of sale to use for your records, and meet up with the other party who is involved in the transaction to fill out the bill of sale together.

How to Fill out a Bill of Sale

When you and the other party have gathered together, it's time to begin completing the bill of sale. The process is simple and takes just a few minutes. Begin by completing your names and contact information, including addresses and telephone numbers. Next, include some important details about the car itself, including the make, model, production year, VIN (vehicle identification number) and the odometer reading at the time the sale is taking place. Next, list the agreed upon amount of money that is being exchanged for the vehicle as part of the sale process. Finally, both of you will need to sign and date the bill of sale in order to make it official.

What to Do When You're Done

After you've completed the bill of sale, both you and the other party should keep a copy for your individual records. The bill serves as your primary legal proof that you've bought or sold the car, and will be necessary should this transaction ever come under legal dispute at any point in the future. You may also need to provide the bill of sale to the DMV in order to officially transfer the title of the car to the new owner or to re-register the vehicle with new license plates and under a new name.

Inquire with the DMV if you have any additional concerns or questions about this process.

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