Best Used Car Magazines

March 11, 2020

With so many used car magazines available on the market today, there are certain features that set the best publications apart from the others. Here is our list of the best rated used car magazines that provide the most beneficial information for individuals looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle.

Auto Trader

Auto Trader has been around for many, many years and is quite commonly found at newsstands, bookstores and convenience stores. It is considered one of the best used car magazines for several reasons, including information about the most popular used cars, cars available for sale and consumer rated vehicles, both new and used.

For many individuals looking for a car, whether it is new or used, the first place they turn to is Auto Trader. Simply because of the wealth of information that is available in the magazine. Additionally, Auto Trader's website provides even more information, including opinion polls, information about insurance, financing and the ability to order a car history report.

Motor Trend
Motor Trend is considered one of the primer automotive industry magazines and is often cited as the source of information for automotive television shows and car reviews. This magazine has an extensive collection of used car reviews, including tracking car performance over an extended period of time to provide information about used cars as they age. Also, the Motor Trend website provides information about used car recalls, performance reviews and used car location searches for cars available for sale.

Car and Driver
Car and Driver is also a highly rated automotive industry magazine publication. Similar to Motor Trend, Car and Driver provides used vehicle reviews, including information on performance and typical repairs. Car and Driver also provides information on used car pricing, buying guides and information on certified used car programs. Their website allows readers to research vehicles based on archived reviews from past issues.


Edmunds is another top magazine in the automotive industry. This publication provides detailed pricing information on used cars and also reviews of used car performance and repair histories. Additionally, Edmunds provides information on certified pre-owned car programs, insurance and auto finance. Their website also has a search feature for used cars, including local used car dealerships, current specials and programs, and information about the true costs of owning a specific used car.

Trader Online

Trader Online is a website that specializes in trading and selling of a wide variety of different types of used vehicles. From cars to collector automobiles, to boats and airplanes. They are a division of Auto Trader and have links to find research information about various cars and vehicles. Print Trader magazines are available at many bookstores, newsstands and retail outlets and include photo advertisements for vehicles that are for sale around the country. Most of the listings that are in the print magazine are also available for review on their website. Using their search function, you can look for used cars by make, model, year, price, miles and geographical location.

Related Questions and Answers

What Performance Car Magazine Gives Reviews on Strictly European Cars?

    There are many performance car magazine companies that do reviews of European cars in magazines and at online websites too. For example, European Car Web is a website that has reviews, articles and ads exclusively on European cars. You can subscribe to them here. Eurotuner is a website that also reviews of European cars. You can subscribe to them here. Another great magazine is the Kilometer magazine which reviews only European cars. There are many more magazines that you can subscribe to online and get hard copies too. Check each magazine for payment and delivery options.

    What Car Magazine Companies Have Online Versions?

    Almost all car magazine online have their hard copy versions also present for subscription. Here are a few of the top selling car magazines that also have an online website to subscribe to. Road & Track prints about 24 issues per year and they have their own website here. Car Magazine prints about 6 issues per year and is the best website for detailed information on cars. Evo focuses on mainly on Italian cars and creates the best reviews for this niche. Their website is here. Automobile Magazine lists both new and used cars and articles on cars that you can read up.

    Is there any Difference between topCar Magazine and the Website?

    Every magazine including topCar magazine will have several differences in their hard copy edition and their virtual edition. But there will not be major differences. Most of the articles are the same, but a few might be removed from the website for commercial reasons. Apart from these few articles, the site has many more value additions like a blog, consumer queries, direct interactions with industry professionals, and free multimedia options for readers. The quality is the same and you will be able to get complete archived versions of older magazine editions at their archives here. You will also get a newsletter for free when you subscribe to their website.

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