Colorado Bill of Sale Form: How to Get One, Fill it Out, and the Required Information

January 27, 2012

Before you can sell a vehicle anywhere in the state of Colorado, you'll need a Colorado bill of sale to state that you are transferring ownership of the car to the new purchaser. This is the same situation for a buyer; if you don't have a Colorado bill of sale, the vehicle is not officially yours and you will be unable to register it or to transfer the title over to your name. While the concept of a bill of sale may seem daunting, in reality the process of completing the bill of sale is very simple. In fact, you can even get a Colorado bill of sale download through the local DMV website, where you can also find a sample bill of sale for your assistance. Read on for a basic guide on how to get a bill of sale, how to fill it out and what is required of you.

Where to Get a Bill of Sale

Bills of sale are available through the DMV in your local part of Colorado. You can either stop in to a DMV branch office to pick up a copy of the bill of sale, or you can download a bill of sale form to complete from the Colorado state DMV website. Some dealers may carry bills of sale on their premises for their own purposes, but for an individual transaction it's easier to work directly with the DMV.

How to Fill out a Bill of Sale

A bill of sale form in Colorado requires a few important pieces of information. It must have both the buyer's and the seller's names as well as some other important contact info for each. It must also have the exact monetary amount exchanged for the car and some other important information about the car, including the make, model, year, VIN, and odometer reading. Additionally, both the buying and the selling parties must sign and date the bill of sale to make it official.

What to Do with the Bill of Sale

You'll need to present the completed bill of sale to the DMV in Colorado in order to obtain the title transfer form. If you're the buyer of the vehicle, you'll also have to have your copy of the completed bill of sale to prove that you've legally purchased the car and in order to register the vehicle under a new name and license plate. Therefore, it's crucial that both the buyer and the seller maintain a clean copy of the completed bill of sale for the vehicle. This serves as the primary legal proof of the sale, should you need to address the transaction at any point after the negotiations have ended.

If you have any questions about how to complete a bill of sale for a car, where to obtain a bill of sale, or what to do with it when you've completed it, ask a representative at the local DMV for additional assistance.