Consumer Report Best Used Cars of the Decade

January 27, 2012

The consumer report for the best used cars of the decade was released this year. This list also contained the worst used cars of the decade. It is worth noting that Honda never appeared on the worst list, and that Chevrolet and Volkswagen appear the most on the worst list. Here is a rundown of the best used cars.

  • Best Small Car: The Honda Civic was given this award. The Civic was redesigned in 2001 and then again in 2003, becoming one of the most popular and early hybrids. Then again in 2006, more safety features like antilock brakes became standard on all models. Others in this class in the running were the Scion, a trio of Toyotas and a duo of Mazdas.
  • Best Family Car: Honda makes its second appearance with the Honda Accord. This is one of the most reliable cars out there. It comfortably fits a family of five. It has been redesigned through the decade and has electronic stability control, an important safety feature. There is also a V6 engine Accord for extra power. Others on this list were the Prius, Camry and Altima.
  • Best Upscale Car:  The Lexus ES took this title over a bevy of Infiniti models. The ES is a comfortable ride while providing great power with a super engine. They made the model into a fuel efficient car as well as a safer car, with electronic stability control. Also appearing on this list was Acura.
  • Best Luxury Car: The Infiniti M35 may be a surprise here over its BMW, Mercedes and Lexus competitors. It was designed to be great on all roads, no matter how curvy or narrow. It is one of the smoothest rides out there. The interior is rich, and the engine is a powerful V6. Lexus appeared on the list as the 2nd and 3rd best.
  • Best Sports Car: Another surprise here is the Mazda Miata convertible. It has a classic stick shift for fun driving, and is now standard with antilock brakes. It is also quite affordable compared to others on the list, like the Lexus SC, and BMW M3.
  • Best Minivan: The Toyota Sienna won this award for being a great car for a large family. There is a third row added so that up to seven can sit in it. It's roomy, as well as reliable. It also comes with all wheel drive.
  • Best SUV: There were two awards for SUVs, for large and small SUV. The Small SUV winner was the Toyota Rav4. It was originally a car-SUV type, but now is roomy and safe with electronic stability control. It was chosen over the Honda CRV and the Subaru Forrester. The best large SUV was the Honda Pilot, due to its affordable cost and fuel efficiency. It can fit eight people, so that's an added bonus. It beat out many luxury models such as the Lexus RX, Infiniti QX4 and the Acura MDX. 
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