Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Small Used Trucks

February 22, 2012

Small used trucks are like used cars with a bit more payload rather than general purpose utility vehicles. Learn the pros and cons of used small trucks.

Used Small Truck

Some drivers who need to be able to haul freight like the idea of buying small used trucks to help get goods from point A to point B. There are some specific pros and cons of having a small used truck in your garage.

Advantages of Small Used Trucks

  • Low sale price. A smaller used truck will not command a huge price, so buyers are often able to find some deals
  • Lower insurance and taxes. The everyday costs of driving a smaller used truck are lower, too. Because these vehicles are often appraised at a lower value, (check out blue book values for some comparisons), they will cost less to insure and keep for those occasional trips when you have to get something heavy moved somewhere
  • Less maintenance. With the smaller compact bodies, some used truck models may require a little less upkeep than others. Something like a used Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma in a compact truck size may be just what's needed for some kinds of transport tasks. In many smaller trucks, you also get a good deal of carrying capacity without the liability of a bigger engine

Disadvantages of a Small Used Truck

  • Low power and towing capacity. Although small trucks certainly cost a lot less money than a larger truck, you'll probably never be able to tow more than a very small trailer or perhaps a U-Haul mini trailer. Small trucks simply don't have the power or torque needed to tow larger trailers or boats. So, if you think you'll ever need to tow a boat or a flatbed trailer, you definitely want to avoid purchasing a small used truck
  • Minimal cargo weights. While a small truck will allow you to haul groceries or other items purchased on shopping trips, you don't want to fill up a small pickup truck with a load of gravel or sand. The suspension on a smaller pickup truck simply can't support the weight of large, heavy loads like a larger pickup truck can. So, if you need to fill your truck bed with concrete blocks or plywood, you definitely want to buy a full-size pickup truck
  • Not good as a serious work truck. Because of the lack of power and inadequate suspension in smaller trucks, small trucks just can't be considered serious work trucks. While a small truck does offer some hauling capacity, a smaller truck rarely can be used for construction or other jobs that require hauling heavy weights or pulling heavy trailers. Although small used trucks are useful and relatively inexpensive, choose a bigger pickup truck if you need to get serious work done
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