Finding a Bill of Sale in Word Format

January 27, 2012

At one time, it would have taken a trip to Staples, a visit to your local stationary store, to a car dealership or your Department of Motor Vehicles to find a Bill of Sale to sell a car or truck but today, thanks to Microsoft's Word program, you can easily find a bill of sale in Word format.

Step 1: Go to

Today, thanks to the Web and Internet, it only takes a question to “” to find a complete Bill of Sale that will cover any need.

Step 2: Type the Question

Once you are at the site, all you need to do is type “Where would you find 'Word' version of a Car Bill of Sale?” and the answer is at

Bill Template: .docstoc

When you access this site you will find the bill template. With this template, you have all of the information to purchase a car and, indeed, it can also act as a purchase and sales agreement because it has all of the information you need in it. About the only thing that is missing is a listing of agreed-to services. This is needed if you agree to service the vehicle for your customer, or if your dealer agrees to have certain items fixed for you.

You can easily fix this issue with a second page and the words: “Please see next page for conditions” or some such language. Indeed, this bill of sale will service in all 50 states. It is about as good as we have found on the Web.

You can also download bill of sale by visiting the link at SOFT82.

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