Finding Used Cars In My Area

July 3, 2014

It used to be that drivers asking about "used cars in my area" had only one option: the newspaper. Those looking to buy a used car choose between dealerships and private party deals. Also between newspapers, online options, and more for what some call "crowd sourcing" in the used auto market.

  • Classified ads - car shoppers can always use the local newspaper to find ads from sellers who want to complete a private party sale in a specific town or city. With the advent of global/local Internet site Craigslist, shoppers can also find these kinds of classified ads online. Craigslist ads can come from dealers or private party sellers.
  • Other online sites - shoppers can also search e-commerce sites like eBay and for car deals. Some of these websites have specific local search options. Search for a used car online >>
  • Lot-based local sales - yet another option comes to shoppers in the form of a hybrid online and lot-based business called Carmax. Car shoppers can search Carmax inventories online or visit the lot to find a kind of "consignment" operation where a large number of used autos sit in the same communal lot. Some buyers enjoy walking the Carmax lot and seeing an amazing number of used cars they can choose from.

These represent the main options for looking at local used car sales. If there is a used car auction in the vicinity, this is an additional way to buy used cars locally. Car shoppers can take advantage of a wide variety of tools for finding tomorrow's best new set of wheels.

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