Georgia Bill of Sale Form: How to Get One, Fill it Out, and the Required Information

January 27, 2012

If you are looking to register a car as a buyer down in the Peach State, you’ll need a Georgia bill of sale document. The state requires this form for auto sales along with a title for the vehicle if a title is required. The buyer will need to present the auto bill of sale form in order to title over the vehicle to their name.

How to Get a Georgia Bill of Sale

The state of Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles offers a free car bill of sale online. The form is called a T-7 and vehicle sellers or buyers can download it from the web and print it.

What’s on a Georgia Bill of Sale

Specific details must be included on the Georgia bill of sale or T-7 form. The Georgia form is set up a little different than some bill of sale forms used in other states. It has a single-line design with various items that need to be filled out to legally sell the vehicle.

At the top of the form, lines are provided for a total vehicle sale price and a sales tax amount. One of the main functions of a bill of sale in many states is to verify the value of the vehicle to set a proper sales tax amount. Court ordered sales in Georgia may receive a case number that is added at the top of the form.

The Georgia bill of sale form must also include identity information for both the buyer and the seller. The names and addresses of the two parties must be written in, and like some other states, Georgia does not allow for a post office box to be used as an address.

Data about the vehicle must also be entered on the form. This information includes the year and make of the vehicle, as well as the standard VIN number (or vehicle identification number) that acts as a serial number for a car or truck. Buyers should be sure to check the VIN number, as some law enforcement individuals are reporting VIN number fraud is done for the purpose of selling a stolen vehicle.

On the Georgia bill of sale, a correct odometer reading must be reported. Incorrect odometer reporting carries penalties in the state. For vehicles over than 10 model years, the state provides an exemption from odometer reporting. There is also a space for other types of situations where accurate odometer reporting cannot be done. One of these is when the distance on the vehicle has exceeded the odometer range. Another is when there is a known odometer discrepancy.

Another detail on the Georgia bill of sale is for liens on a vehicle. If the vehicle will be involved in any kind of debt or financing situation, where the owner has not entirely paid for it up front, that will need to be disclosed on the bill of sale form.

Using the Georgia Bill of Sale

Buyers will need to take the bill of sale with them to their local Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles for titling the vehicle and eventually registering it in their name.

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