Great Cars for Beginners

January 27, 2012

Cars come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, but if you are shopping for cars for beginners, you may  consider some of the following suggestions.


New drivers should have cars that are safe. Make sure there are no problems with the brakes, tires, steering and transmission. A new driver may not be able to handle a situation involving the loss of brakes, a tire blowout, power steering that suddenly fails to function, or a transmission that slips into another gear while the vehicle is being operated. Other mechanical parts should also be in good working order. All signal lights should be working properly, as well as the horn, mirrors, headlights and windshield wipers. These are all important functions for any driver, but especially for beginners who may lack the experience and knowledge of dealing with such malfunctions. If you are purchasing a used car, especially be aware of the safety components of a vehicle. If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, check for safety ratings to be sure that the vehicle is rated highly for safety and reliability.


A great car for beginners should be easy to handle. Choose a car that has an automatic transmission, rather than one with a manual transmission. Without thinking about shifting gears, a new driver could better concentrate on defensive driving and the rules of the road. Another feature to consider is the size of the vehicle. The larger the car, the more difficult it is to control and park. In addition, smaller cars are easier to maneuver on the road and when driving in narrow areas. Another consideration for a car for a beginner would be the comfort of the driver. If the driver is tall, he may not be comfortable in a car where his head is touching the headliner of the roof and is bumped on rough terrain. Just as important, a petite person needs a car that allows her to be able to see over the steering wheel and be able to use the mirrors properly.

A great car for a beginner would not be too costly, just in case mysterious dents and scratches begin to appear.

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