Great Cars for Disabled People

November 12, 2013

There are a great number of cars for disabled people which have been adapted for those with special needs. Disabled people normally experience difficulties in bending and so they will have to use cars that make it easy for them to perch on a car seat and then swing their legs into the car. Often, a high-rise disabled car can prove to be the best solution. Before identifying the perfect vehicle it is necessary to road test several vehicles in order to find a car that is most comfortable to drive and which also provides maximum service and practicality.

Citroen Picasso

The Citroen Picasso is an ideal disabled car option and is one that offers outstanding value while remaining a compact people friendly vehicle. It offers plenty of leg and headroom for both front seat passengers as well as back seat passengers. The rear seats can also be removed if required, it is fuel economical, affordable and an easy vehicle to live with.

Toyota Corolla Verso

The Toyota Corolla Verso is of a slightly better quality and style than the Citroen Picasso. It can easily transport 5 adults and will still have plenty of space for their baggage. Because of its smooth suspension, the Toyota Corolla Verso is able to offer a more comfortable ride and will help to eliminate painful jolts that can be very unpleasant for a disabled person.

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A Minivan is another example of a great vehicle for a disabled person. They are easy to maneuver, roomy and are also very affordable. This is an option that is ideally suited for those who are confined to wheelchairs as the spaciousness in the cabin makes it much easier to park a wheelchair. There are two Minivan types: lowered floor options and rear-entry conversions. Lowered floors mean getting an extra 10 inches which is not available in unmodified minivans. The lower height makes it easy to drive the wheelchair into the vehicle. Rear-entry Minivans have sloped channels that allow for entry and exit from the rear of the Minivan. Rear-entry is a good option as it allows for quicker loading and unloading from the vehicle.

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Regardless of the car’s brand name, a good car for disabled is one that provides an extra amount of space and have comfortable interiors while ensuring simplicity of driving. Different disabled people have their own special needs which in turn warrant looking for different features in their vehicles. Each car must be individualized to suit individual needs. Some features that are normally required in disabled cars include ramps, lifts and modified seats.

Ramps are an important disability friendly feature and must be available either in the rear of the vehicle or at the sides. They help to make accessibility to the car less taxing.

Lifts are similar to very small cranes that help in lifting accessories into the car. These lifts are normally attached to the trunk of the car.

Seats ought to be easily adjustable so as to allow for additional space and practicality for the driver.

Selecting the right disabled car is quite easy as there are many options available. As mentioned previously, the factors at play are greatly reliant on the type of disability in question. With today's ingenuity there are solutions for many situations.

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