How to Buy Used Commercial Trucks for Sale

August 5, 2014

There are many used commercial trucks for sale online and at various dealerships. In order to get a good deal on your used truck, you will have to keep in mind a few things. Determine your budget and do your research to find out the type of commercial truck that fits your needs. Since every commercial truck varies in terms of safety features and specifications, you have to find out which truck is reliable, durable and offers you good performance. After you've decided which commercial truck you want to buy, follow the guidelines mentioned below, to purchase it at a low price.

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  • Find the truck. The quickest and easiest way to do your research is to start looking for used commercial truck sales online. Some good websites to research include and TruckPaper. You must personally inspect any vehicle you wish to purchase before finalizing the deal. Since there are several used vehicle scams on the Internet, make sure you're dealing with a reliable company
  • Research the value. Determine the actual market value of the used truck model and make you wish to purchase. A good place to start doing your research on commercial used truck prices is the Kelley Blue Book website. You could also refer to the NADAguides website, to find and purchase a price guide
  • Locate a dealer.Look through your local newspaper to find used truck dealers and limited time offers. You may also find private seller listings that might interest you. If you're dealing with a private seller, make sure that you conduct a vehicle history check so that you know, you aren't buying a lemon
  • Contact manufacturers. Several commercial truck manufacturers have good quality used vehicles for sales. To find a vehicle of your choice, visit the PENSKE website
  • Attend an auction. Another way to get a good deal on a commercial truck is to find used truck auctions. To find auctions in your neighborhood, contact car dealers located in and around you area and ask them about upcoming auctions. You could also visit eBay Motors or AuctionTimeonline
  • Check with truck rental companies. Several rental companies offer commercial vehicles for sale at a reasonable price. These trucks may be in better condition than those found at local dealerships. You could visit Enterpriseto find quality trucks that have been inspected. These vehicles also come with a 30 day warranty, and a 7-day repurchase policy
  • Get an inspection.Although price is often a determining factor, don't buy any used truck simply because it's cheap. Safety plays a very important role. Have the truck inspected by a professional mechanic to determine its condition. If the truck needs significant repairs, decline the offer and look elsewhere
  • Negotiate a price. It's important to use good negotiation techniques to lower the price. Also make sure that you review the invoice before you sign it, to confirm that there aren't any administration costs or hidden fees thrown in

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