How to Fill Out a Bill of Sale for an RV

January 27, 2012

A bill of sale for an RV is very similar to the standard bill of sale. The bill of sale is an important document for private sales as it legally shows that the vehicle has transferred hands. Your county’s office will also use this document for any sales tax that may be due on the RV. You can easily create your own and fill out a bill of sale or you can find templates such as a motor home bill of sale, bill of sale for trailer or bill of sale for vehicle. You can easily download a template for free or create your own.

Step 1 – Important Information

There is important information that must be in the bill of sale which includes the date of the sale, buyer and seller contact information, the vehicle identification number, condition and agreed upon price. The bill of sale may contain other facts but, if it does not contain the information mentioned, then use a different bill of sale document.

Step 2 – Include Important Documents

When you are describing the vehicle it is always best to include photocopies of any supporting material. If you had the tires replaced in the last year include a copy of the purchase receipt. Try to include support for all major repairs and other work.

Step 3 – Make Copies

Once it is filled out, it is important that you maintain a few copies. All involved parties will need a copy of this document so, once it is signed, make a few copies. You will need to hang on to this document for at least a year if not longer.