How to Find a Cheap Used Van for Sale in Five Simple Steps

January 27, 2012

If you're looking for a cheap used van for sale, there are many different things you'll want to consider before you buy. Here are five simple steps to follow to find a cheap used van for sale.

  1. How much size do you need? Since vans come in many different styles and sizes, you'll want to determine just how much space you are going to require. Are you going to be transporting your child's soccer team to and from games, or just a few of your friends on a weekend get away. One of the keys to finding a cheap used van is not buying more than you need.

  2. Make sure to consider the van's gas mileage. Part of a car's value lies in its overall operating cost. Even if a van is dirt cheap, if it gets terrible gas mileage it will end up costing you much more in the long run. While van's in general don't usually get great MPG, spending a little bit more on a fuel-efficient van can often be a smart move.

  3. Once you've identified your needs, start by putting together a list of private sellers in your area by searching on a couple of internet sites such as Craigslist ( Click on cars & trucks in the For Sale section. You will get a list of all vehicles for sale in your metro area. You can fine-tune the results by using the keyword section. Use "van" for example and enter your minimum and maximum price. Another good site is Ebay ( Here you can search by year, make or mileage.

  4. Add to your list by searching some other websites that would by more likely to be used by dealers. Sites such as Carsdirect ( or ( are good places to search for used vans at dealers. At these sites you can search by year, price, mileage, or proximity.

  5. Next, map out a plan to see the vans you've selected. Call the private parties to make arrangements to see those vans. You can see the dealer's vehicles anytime they are open for business.

Searching for a used van doesn't have to be difficult. Decide on your budget and follow these five easy steps. If you find too many vans to effectively see, narrow your search by year, make, or model. While it may extend your search, the more vans that you are able to look at, the better the chance you have of finding a cheap one with all of the features that you need.

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