How to Find the Cheapest Used 4x4 for Sale

July 9, 2014

Finding a used 4x4 for sale will help you save a lot of money over purchasing a new 4x4 or even a used 4x4 being sold at the regular retail price. There a lot of ways to find 4x4 vehicles on sale, and using the Internet to help you find them make things even easier. So, here is a quick step by step how to guide on how to find used 4x4 vehicles on sale with your computer and the Internet.

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Step 1 - Search Classified Ads Sites

Visit websites like and is actually a compilation of classified ad sites from cities all over the United States. The website is not very modern looking or very attractive; however, its search capabilities are second to none and using the website to search for 4x4 vehicles will allow you to search literally hundreds of thousands of vehicles being offered for sale by private parties sellers. is one of the largest used-car websites on the Internet and literally has hundreds of thousands of vehicles listed for sale. You can use their search and browse functions to quickly find 4x4 vehicles on sale in many parts of the country.

Step 2 - Search

If you're looking for a really cheap 4x4 truck, and you don't mind making a few minor repairs every now and then, you should check out pulls listings from the massive eBay auction motors website for trucks that are all under $1000 in price. While many of these 4x4 trucks listed on are older or have some cosmetic blemishes or other types of problems, many of the vehicles are serviceable and in running condition. Obviously, you won't get the most modern 4x4 trucks on this website; however, if you're looking for the cheapest deals on a 4x4 is definitely a great place to search.

Step 3 - Search

if you are looking for cheaper 4x4 vehicles not available on example, slightly more expensive 4x4 vehicles in a little better condition--then check out the thousands of 4x4 vehicle auctions You will need to compete against other bidders; however, if your winning bid is accepted--you will save a lot of money and get a great deal when compared to a local dealer. Remember, you will need to set up an eBay account before you can bid on auctions.

Step 4 - Search for Junk or Salvage Title Vehicles

Another way to find really cheap 4x4 vehicles is to search for junk or salvage title vehicles. Visit local junkyards in your area and inquire about any vehicles they may have that have a junk or salvage title. Although, junk or salvage titles are often considered less valuable than value vehicles with clear titles, they certainly do cost a lot less. In fact, you may be able to purchase a junk or salvage titled 4x4 vehicle for about $.30 to $.50 on the dollar when compared to other 4x4 vehicles.

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What 4WD Used Cars are Commonly Bought in Areas with Lots of Snow?

There are a number of 4wd used cars that are great in the snow. The top of the list would be the Subaru Outback, which offers plenty of room and is great in the snow. The Volvo XC 90 is another excellent choice if you are going to spend a lot of time in the snow. Every model that Jeep makes is fairly common in snow filled areas. The four wheel drive system combined with the added height of a Jeep make an excellent car for snowy conditions. The Audi Quattro also gets high marks for its ability in the snow.

What are Some 4x4 Used Vehicles with the Most Towing Capacity?

The top five 4x4 used vehicles by towing capacity are as follows: The Dodge Ram 3500 offers 16,000 pounds of towing capacity, which is far and away the largest capacity among pick up trucks. Number two is the GMC Sierra 1500, offering almost 10,000 pounds of towing capacity. The Nissan Armada can pull 9,000 pounds, and is a great looking SUV to boot. The Dodge Durango can pull roughly 9,000 pounds which is quite a bit for a little mid-size SUV. The Ford Expedition can also pull 9,000 pounds. It has a third row so you can take the whole family with you, and tow the boat as well.

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