How to Find Used Car Trade In Locations Online

March 18, 2013

Finding used car trade in locations online can help you trade in your vehicle and get the best value with minimal time and effort. You can stay close to home with zip code searches to make sure you're not expected to travel too far. If you want to trade in your car for credit on a new one, you can use the Internet to find places to set up an online purchase, too.

>>Calculate Your Car's Trade-In Value

Search Car Buying Websites by Zip Code
Search for used car trade-ins on Kelley Blue Book, CARFAX and AutoTrader. When asked for your zip code, enter it in the space provided. These websites will help you narrow down trade-in locations near you. You can specify the radius in which you want to search for customized results, whether you're willing to travel 5 miles or 50. You can also use these websites to get estimated trade in quotes, so you can compare offers and find the best value. Be aware that without seeing the car in person, used car trade in estimates are just that—estimates.

Although these websites are based online, they have "drop off" points where you may bring your vehicle to have it traded.

Find Local Car Dealers Online
You're probably aware of several car dealerships in your area, and it should be fairly easy to find them online. Try to make trade-ins to dealers which specifically handle your make of car, you're likely to get a better deal. If you're unsure about what dealerships are in your area, do a search online.

You should be able to contact a sales representative via email to get an estimated online trade-in quote based on information you can supply about your vehicle. If you agree on a price, just bring your car to the dealership to have it traded.

Check Local Used Car Lots Online
Contact local used car lots to see if they accept trade ins. Small car lots may be more difficult to find online, but you can still do a search to see if any lots have websites through which you can contact them to inquire about trade ins.

By following these three steps, you can find places which accept used car trade ins using the Internet. By contacting them online, you can quickly get an estimate of how much you can get for your car and easily compare quotes to find the best deal for you.

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