How to Get Cars for Export From the UK

January 27, 2012

There are many cars for export from the UK. Depending on how long you want to remove the car from the UK, either temporarily or permanently, you will need different paperwork. The export car companies will also take care of importing cars for you. Before you take any action, be aware of the exporting fees for the UK and the importing fees into the country you are going.

Permanent Exportation

To take your car out of the UK permanently, you will need to notify the local driver and vehicle licensing agency. Fill out the V5 and include the state to which you plan to export the car. Once you turn this document in, you will be given a V562 or certificate of permanent export. It is also necessary to inform the export department using a V5C/4 form. When you arrive at your destination, this form will need to be provided to register the car outside of the UK.

Temporary Exportation

To export your car out of the UK for less than 12 months, you will still need the V5 and V5C certificate, but you may also need a temporary registration certificate. This comes in the mail and can take some time to arrive. Therefore, it is necessary to apply for the certificate with plenty of time to spare. By having an export certificate you can greatly reduce delays and difficulties with the customs and excise department. If you should export your car without an export certificate, customs may check on any financing or fees. If you still have an outstanding balance on your loan, then you will also need a letter of approval from the financing company.

Personal or Direct Exporting

You can choose to use direct export or personal export. If the vehicle is intended for direct export, it can never have been driven on roads in the UK. There are specific DVLA offices that deal with direct export in Northampton, Birmingham, Wimbledon and Chelmsford. Manufacturers will use this option when sending cars abroad as they do not have to pay a registration fee or vehicle tax.

A personal export is a car that has driven on UK roads and can only be exported to a country that is not in the EU. There are restrictions for this as you must be a visitor from overseas or a UK resident that is going to live outside of the country for more than six months. It is possible to drive this car in the UK for up to six months and overseas visitors can drive the car for a maximum of 12 months. The offices to contact for personal export include Stockton, Norwich, Manchester, Lincoln, Glasgow, Bristol, Beverley, Wimbledon, Oxford, Northampton, Maidstone, Leeds, Chelmsford and Birmingham.

Car Exporting Companies

Cars are exported in containers on ships. The main ports that export cars in the UK are Southhampton, Liverpool, Teesport, Newcastle and Bristol. There are many companies that specialize in car export that will provide you with rates to ship your car. These companies can source cars for you, private clients and dealers.

These export companies will take care of the paperwork and help you to save money when exporting your car overseas. There are many dealers who will offer you tax-free cars if you show proof of exporting the vehicle, and you can get financing as well as trade-in value for your old car. All cars are available for export including Skyline cars, luxury vehicles, sports cars and used cars.

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