How to Remove a Name from a Car Title

January 27, 2012

On occasion an instance will present itself when you may wish to remove a name from a car title. This could be the result of a divorce, or gifting the car to another party that has joint ownership. In some instances you may require the consent of any other party included on the car title. Here’s what you need to do.

Step One

First you need to determine if you have to have consent from the other parties. To do so review the title, if it says “AND/OR” then you don’t need permission from the other parties to remove yourself, however if it says “AND”, then you will need the consent of the other person(s) listed on the title.

Step Two

Ask any other listed parties for permission to remove them from the title (or yourself). Any listed party must agree for you to continue to remove a name from the title, if they don’t, you are out of luck.

Step Three

Have the party that is to be removed sign the title over to the other party. This is done on the back of the title itself.

Step Four

Take the title to your local department of motor vehicles. Explain what is happening, that one party is to be removed from the title, and present the properly signed document to them. If possible, you may want to wait to do step three at the DMV to make sure you fill the title out correctly. Once this is done you will need to get a new title and tags for the vehicle, and you are all finished.

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