How to Write a Used Car Bill of Sale Form

January 27, 2012

A car bill of sale form is the legal proof that the transaction of a car sale took place between one buyer and one seller. This form is an essential part of the process of this transaction for anyone who is selling or buying a car from or to an individual. If you're selling your used car to a dealership or buying a used car from a dealership, the dealer will help to take care of the bill of sale. However, if you're working only with one other individual, you'll need to fill out a standard bill of sale to properly complete the sale process. Read on for a brief step-by-step guide on how to obtain and complete a bill of sale form for a used car.

Step 1 -- Obtain the Bill of Sale Form

Bills of sale for used cars can be found at your local DMV branch office. Visit the DMV in your area and request a copy of the bill of sale form to fill out there. You can also go to the state DMV website, where you can download a printable version of a blank bill of sale form for your state as well. There are generic bills of sale and state specific bills of sale. Ask a representative at the DMV which is best for your needs. The DMV also has examples of an auto bill of sale for you to look at in case you get stuck during the process.

Step 2 -- Meet with the Other Party and Complete the Bill

Next, gather together both parties involved in the sale and complete the bill of sale form. Although it may sound daunting, the process of writing out the bill of sale is actually quite simple and will not take a long time. You'll need to start out by inserting the names, addresses and telephone numbers of both parties. Next, write the make, model, manufacture year and VIN (vehicle identification number) of the car. Third, you'll need to write the odometer reading and the amount of cash that was agreed upon in exchange for the car. Finally, both you and the other party will have to sign and date the bill of sale in order to make it official.

Step 3 -- Retain Copies of the Bill of Sale

Both parties must keep a copy of the completed bill of sale for their records. This document serves as the only legal proof that the sale took place, and it's therefore essential you have it in case you need to prove you've bought or sold the vehicle. The bill of sale may also be needed to re-register the car or to complete the title transfer process.

Ask a DMV representative for additional assistance. Fill out the bill of sale form early so you don't run into any legal penalties regarding the sale.

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