Should You Buy a New or Used Heavy Duty Truck?

February 16, 2012

A used heavy duty truck will save you money up front, but if you're using it for hauling, the existing wear and tear can result in a false economy.

Used Heavy Duty Truck for Sale

When deciding between a new or used heavy duty truck, you have a few important decisions to make. While a new heavy duty truck comes with a full warranty and is more likely to have a set of clean and functioning components, a used truck is often significantly cheaper. The risk is that you don't know exactly the condition of the truck, and it's possible that you'll get a lower grade product than you pay for.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Truck
If you buy a used heavy or medium duty truck, the cost for the vehicle is significantly lower than if you were to pay for a brand new one. Additionally, many used trucks that are put up for sale are in excellent condition. Some of them have barely been used at all. On the plus side, used trucks sometimes do come with warranty guarantees that are still valid, if they've been used minimally and were manufactured within the past few years.

The Risks of Buying a Used Truck
A used heavy duty truck can be in any sort of condition. For this reason, it's important to take the position of a skeptic when you enter into negotiations for a used truck. Because these vehicles may have any number of damage problems or wear-and-tear issues, it's important that you thoroughly inspect the truck. Performance is sometimes slightly lower in a used truck than in a brand new vehicle, simply because the car has already been used.

Related Questions and Answers

What Time of the Year do New Trucks Come Out?

Each company will usually release its new truck models with two or three months of pre-promotional advertising. Rest assured that you will know when General Motors, Ford or Dodge want to release their new truck models. But a quick heads up for what is expected to hit the market in the latter end of 2010 to 2011 are the 2011 Ford F-100, and with another projected revamp in the 2012 for the same model. The 2011 Ram 1500 is also expected out in early spring-summer. Other models expected out at the same time are the 2011 Dodge Durango, with the Nissan Truck also coming out. It's a good idea to check with the individual company websites to find out the latest releases expected every month.

What Consitutes a "Heavy Truck"?

Heavy trucks are the main vehicles that are used to move heavy goods by road. A heavy truck is typically made of high density steel, but the outside chassis of the vehicle is reinforced to deal with the heavy duty load. The interior arches of the frame are also more curved to deal with the bigger engines and to curve over the axles. Most heavy duty trucks also have tow bars at both ends. A few models may have a fifth wheel to allow a trailer to be connected to pull heavy goods. Heavy duty trucks also weigh well over 33,000 lb to deal with the towing of heavy weights.

What Models of Trucks are Most Dependable?

While a number of American trucks are showing signs of improvement in quality and dependability, Toyota is usually considered to have the models that have lowest breakdown rates and which are easier to repair. As the company is well established, finding the right spare parts is easy and repairs can be done at any garage. According to Consumer Reports, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, is another reliable model that has a decent ride. It also has a very good interior finish along with being a four-wheel drive. For a cheaper version, you can opt for the Honda Ridgeline which has an equally smooth drive with an acceptable price range.

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