The Most Popular Online Salvage Car Auctions: Bid on a Car Today

January 27, 2012

An online salvage car auction can be a great way of securing hard to find parts for a car restoration project. When an owner has a totaled car, he'll often sell or give it to a salvage lot. People looking to buy totaled car parts can inspect the vehicle for any components that may still be viable and ready to sell. An increasing number of these parts are available through online auctions.

Copart USA

Copart USA is one of the best sources for salvage car parts available online. This auction site allows you to search by car make, model, year, part and a number of other factors. Additionally, the wide range of selection that Copart USA offers makes it a great place to find both competitive prices and otherwise hard to find items.

Gov Auctions

Gov Auctions is a website that sells cars that were previously used and which have been repossessed or claimed by the government. In some cases, these cars are salvage quality and will sell for quite a bit less money than standard cars would. This site has a great selection, but you may have to do some sifting through your options in order to find the salvage car parts that you're looking for.

Auctions Pass

Auctions Pass is a third website that provides a great selection of different salvage cars and salvage car parts for your use. With the help of Auctions Pass, you can search through a wide range of locations and sellers to find the best parts and pieces for your needs.

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