The Top 5 Used Cars for Families

March 18, 2013

A look at the 5 top used cars for family transportation: the Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Mazda 6, and the Honda Accord.

Family In Car

Families shopping for a car need to know the top used cars to suit their needs. They want a vehicle that is reliable, comfortable and can do all the duties the family requires. According to many surveys, these are the top used family cars:

Toyota Prius
The Toyota Motor Corporation has a surefire winner in the Toyota Prius. This mid-sized family car is the most fuel efficient car sold in the United States. It can provide many trips for the average family, without the problem of having to constantly stop at the pump.

Ford Fusion
The Ford Motor Company is the inventor of this jewel of a car, which was awarded the "Motor Trend Car of the Year," in 2010. It is very family friendly, new or used. This ranks near the top of the list in top used cars.

Mercury Milan
This car is also a product of the Ford Motor Company, and it is also a winner for many families. Ford's cars and minivans are known for their durability and strong engines.

Mazda 6
The Japanese manufacturer Mazda has a hit in this sleek, fuel efficient vehicle. It is the highest rated among used cars in general, and also draws interest from the typical family.

Honda Accord
This is a very safe and reliable car, with its antilock brake system. This vehicle has the reliability that a family can depend upon and is very fuel efficient. It has a unique design that will suit all family members. The Honda Accord has been known to be enjoyable to drive, and has a very quiet motor.

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