Top 4 Most Common Used 4x4 Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

February 17, 2012

It's easy to make a mistake when researching or buying a used 4x4. Learn about biggest mistakes prospective buyers make.

Used 4x4 in Action

Usually when people go to buy the used 4x4 automobile of their choice, they take it out for a test drive to check the condition. However, more often than not even though the customer appears thorough, there are costly mistakes that have been made. Here is a look at the top four most common used 4x4 buyer mistakes to avoid while buying a used 4x4 vehicle.

  • Not Running a Check on the Auto History

Most of the used 4x4 buyers are swayed by the looks of the vehicle and the colorful and flattering details offered by the seller or the vehicle dealer. They never spend time finding the history of the used 4x4 vehicle nor do they run a check on its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Sometimes, the vehicle in question could have gotten into an accident in the past and could have retained some really serious damages. The buyers should be neutral while inspecting the used 4x4 vehicle of their choice. They should also try and get a mechanic to check the vehicle in case its auto history is not as clean as it is claimed to be.

  • Not Considering the Used 4x4 Vehicle's Tires

Most buyers opting for a used 4x4 do not give much consideration to the tires. However, they are very important as they help to determine the performance of the used 4x4 vehicle. The buyers should consider the fact as to what are they going to use the chosen 4x4 vehicle for, as it will help to decide on the type of tires required. If the buyers have to drive the vehicle on a city road the type of tires will be quite different as opposed to the offroad type of tires. This is because for off road driving the tires require a deep tread with big lugs on their sides, which is not necessary at all for the tires required to drive somewhere inside the city.

  • Not Inspecting the Used 4x4 Closely

Another common mistake that a lot of used 4x4 buyers make is that they don't inspect the vehicle's body closely for any dents, rust or scratched paint. It is very important; as it could mean that the vehicles have been used a lot and may have experience a lot of rough conditions in the past. Moreover it is important to consider the resale value for the futre. Buying a vehicle in poor condition can prove to be a costly mistake.

  • Falling for Cheap Deals

The buyers usually have a fixed rate in mind for the used vehicles. Hence, they look for cheap deals. However, they should maintain a balance between the car's price and its quality. Cheaper options may be tempting but they may be a trap to sell some used vehicles with a bad auto history. The buyers should look for a deal that is neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Related Questions and Answers

What's the Most Popular 4x4 for Offroading?

For true, "mud in your eye" offroading, the most popular 4x4 is any of the Jeep lineup, especially the Wrangler. Because they made their reputation as the vehicles that offroaders prefer. However, you would be surprised to find out just how close the race for number one is between Ford and Chevrolet. Each offers a variety of 4X4s. Both in traditional SUV and pickup form that can be equipped with skid plates, high-ground clearance suspension kits, heavy duty suspensions and larger heavy-duty alternators, plus winch systems. On the import side, Toyota's Tacoma and Nissan's Frontier are among the front-runners.

Can You Use 4x4 Off Road Tires on Streets?

In general, 4x4 off road tires are meant to be used off of the roadway, as their name implies. Made of a softer rubber for better grip when rocks can be slippery, 4x4 tires are also equipped with aggressive tread patterns that feature huge, knobby lugs and this, in turn, cuts down their effectiveness on dry road surfaces. They just cannot respond as quickly nor as surely as tires, such as a good mud and snow tire, and are therefore likely to put you into a skid more easily especially if the road is wet. They are also harsher-riding than more standard tires.

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