The Top 6 Best Used Cars to Buy

March 18, 2013

If you are in the market to purchase a used vehicle, you want to get an idea of the best used cars to buy. There are plenty of great used vehicles in the marketplace today, but several are the best used car values available.

Compact Sedan: Hyundai Elantra (2002-2007)
The Hyundai Elantra was completely re-designed in 2001. A very notable change in durability occurred with this redesign and made the Elantra a very long-lasting vehicle. This generation of Elantra offers a great build with quality ride, performance, reliability, and crash-test scores that make it a great option.

Mid-Size Sedan: Toyota Camry (2002-2007)
The Toyota Camry models made within these years are one of the greatest overall values you will find in a car today. Toyota is known for having very impressive build quality and great reliability. The Camry has a great ride and very good performance for a mid-size family sedan. If you opt for a great, newer car value, the 2007 Camry boasts increased cabin space, more luxury features, and an available 6-cylinder engine that puts out 268 horsepower. Regardless of option, the Camry is a great overall vehicle to keep in mind.

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Convertible: Mazda Miata (2002-2007)
The Mazda Miata is a very responsive, sporty convertible that can be had at a relatively low cost. It comes with a short-throw manual transmission to give the driver a closer feel of when to shift around turns and corners. Miata's are great all-around sporty compact coupes with good fuel efficiency and great reliability, making them a great choice to consider.

Compact SUV: Chevrolet Equinox (2005-2007)
As a used SUV, the compact Chevrolet Equinox offers a surprisingly roomy cabin, good fuel mileage, a comfortable interior and decent performance. Virtually every seat is adjustable to make for added cargo room and space to put your belongings. The Equinox is also very reliable and has scored high on crash test scores, to make it one of the best "under the radar" values on the market.

Mid-size SUV: Mitsubishi Endeavor (2004-2007)
The Mitsubishi Endeavor is a very reliable SUV that delivers a comfortable cabin, safety, and good performance. The Endeavor handles almost as if it were a sedan, with the benefits of it being an SUV. A very solid build quality and good crash test scores make the Endeavor a great choice to consider for a family vehicle. As a mid-size SUV, the Endeavor can typically be found for thousands less than most other options in this class.

Luxury Vehicle: Infiniti G35 (2003-2007)
The Infiniti G35 offers some of the best performance in its class and is rated very highly in most every aspect of the vehicle. The G series from Infiniti offers a very roomy and comfortable cabin, and relatively low maintenance costs for a luxury vehicle. For those who like a sporty feel, the G35 is sure to please with its rear-wheel drive drivetrain and chassis it shares with the Nissan 350z. An available all-wheel drive G35x is a great option for those dealing with adverse weather conditions. Depending on the year and mileage, you could pick up this car for about half the price it's really worth, making it a great option to keep in mind.

Related Questions and Answers

What Makes a Car Midsize?

A car which is midsize, is built on a 108- to 115-inch wheelbase and generally has about 130-cubic feet of space, according to federal standards. They are powered by 4- to 6-cylinder engines and are generally four-door sedans. This is the most popular sized vehicle today and it includes such popular models as the Mazda6 series, Honda Accord EX, and Acura TL/RL. Although available with standard transmissions, they are usually equipped with overdrive automatics for improved mileage. You can find both standard and hybrid mid-sized vehicles available in the $18,000 to $25,000 range.

What are the Engine Options for a New Toyota Camry?

For 2011, Toyota has a variety of engines for its new Toyota Camry. The base engine is a 2.4-liter, double-overhead-cam powerplant that turns out 168 horsepower. While the upgraded powerplant is a 3.5-liter double-overhead-cam powerplant that turns out 268 horsepower. Both engines feature variable valve timing and multiple valves; 16 on the four and 24 on the six. Toyota also offers a Hybrid model that runs at 189 horsepower with both its electric and gasoline engines engaged, using an eCVT transmission (electronically continuously variable transmission), that is always at its optimal gearing for any road or driving conditions.

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