Understanding Vintage Fuel Injection Systems for Hot Rods and Muscle Cars

January 27, 2012

Vintage fuel injection systems for hot rods and muscle cars became popular due mainly to the benefits of increased power, fuel efficiency and reliability. Age will play a huge factor in determining the everyday usability of these classic rides. Replacing the stock carburetor system with EFI or electronic fuel injection will yield dividends in terms of performance.

What's unique about fuel injection for muscle cars and hot rods is the availability of what many call an "invisible" system, wherein the injectors and plenum chamber are hidden from plain sight to maintain a stock, classic look under the bonnet. The MASS-Flo EFI system from Quality Roadsters gives the custom builder the ability to hide the EFI system under the stock carburetor-type air cleaner. This system is available for most vintage engines including the 460, 302 and 429 among others.

Classic Fuel Injection

Brands such as K&N and Edelbrock offer custom made EFI systems for classic cars. Remember that converting from a carburetor to a throttle body system will require massive amounts of modification to the engine intake system. This process is best performed by a professional mechanic with sufficient knowledge in converting analog designs to a digital configuration. This is due to the fact that a classic car with fuel injection will be hooked up to an internal CPU to govern air and fuel management.

Cost will be another factor worth considering, but the benefits will outweigh the cons provided that a quality EFI system is used. It is best to inquire among hot rod and classic car enthusiasts to find out which system is the best for a particular vintage engine setup.

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