Used Car Appraisal: Why It's Important

January 27, 2012

A used car appraisal is an estimate of a used car’s actual market value and can be extremely beneficial, whether you are buying or selling a used car. A used car appraisal can provide you with general “ballpark” information in regard to the value of a particular used car or truck. Knowing what similar condition makes and model cars are worth, can assist you in making decisions regarding use card transactions.

The Benefits of Used Car Appraisals

If you're planning on selling or trading in a used car, having a good idea of what the vehicle is actually worth is very helpful in negotiating a better price for the sale of your vehicle. Likewise, knowing the general value of a particular make and model vehicle can help you avoid paying too much at the time of purchase.

Used-car appraisals generally help in applying a dollar amount to a specific make and modelwith a specified number range of miles and in a certain type of condition. Used car appraisals are also helpful in determining how much value, if any, related options can add to the price of a used car. Also, used-car appraisals provide information on how much to be deducted from the price of used cars: for excessive mileage or abnormal signs of wear and tear.

A used car appraisal can prove invaluable in helping you make informed decisions regarding the price of a used car. Whether you're buying or selling, a used car appraisal helps to provide for fair and accurate pricing.