Used Car Price List: Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car on craigslist

January 27, 2012

Many people have learned to save by buying their used car with the help of a used car price list. A car is a necessity not a luxury for most people. One with a busy schedule, a non-morning person who must attend appointments in various parts of the city and a long-distance to a workplace are all reasons why your car may be your necessity. Your car needs to be convenient and comfortable.

However with the rising cost of cars today, a lot of individuals will consider buying a used car. Owning a used car is sometimes a much better choice especially during a financial crisis. If you are uncertain how much your preferred used car will cost, checking the used car price list online can help you a lot.

There are a number of online sites where you can find people who want to sell their used car. One reliable site is craigslist, a classified website where you can find affordable cars perfect for your needs and budget. Before you begin your search, you should know that there are some pros and cons of buying a used car on craigslist. It also applied if you plan to sell used cars there.


  1. You can find a number of used cars on craigslist regardless of the make and model you are looking for. This way, you can always find the perfect used car for your needs after checking on a used car price list.
  2. You can save a lot if you know how to shop for a used car on craigslist. You should know that buying a used car from this site is a bit tricky since sellers set their own prices. You will find different results as you begin your search. Some car buyers use the Kelley Blue Book to find the accurate value of their desired used car. Then they have the chance to get the best deal available. 
  3. With online searching, you can browse a number of certified and affordable used cars without leaving your home. Most car buyers visit dealerships or read classified ads when they are in search of a used car for sale. Although these methods may help you, they are time consuming and sometimes do not allow you to find what you are actually looking for. With craigslist, you can conveniently browse their site to see pictures of their featured used cars.


  1. Because you cannot see the sellers in person at the time of your search, you cannot ensure all sellers are truthful. Some are not that familiar with the car and are not aware there is something wrong with the car they are selling. Others may know it, but try to ignore it just to make money. To avoid this, you have to be careful in buying a used car from an auto advertisement in a newspaper or publication. The best way is to see the car in person, do a quick inspection and test drive it before buying it.
  2. There are scams on craigslist. The scams originate from fraudulent people claiming to be selling a used car and request you send money first. After you send them the money, you will find out the car sale is just a scam.

Buying a used car online gives you a lot of benefits but, you have to be very careful in making your decisions, since you will spend a lot in buying a used car including those that appear on the used car price list.

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