Used Truck Sleepers for Sale: A Buyer's Guide

January 27, 2012

Used truck sleepers are among the most common components and accessories that are sold for trucks throughout the United States. A sleeper is short for one of several types of truck sleeper cabins. These cabins can be attached to the existing bed of your truck or outfitted to the rear of the vehicle to make a small and protected sleeping area. This type of outfit is very useful for anyone who is interested in taking their truck camping. Truck sleeper bunks are much safer and easier to use than most camping equipment, and they're far less expensive and cumbersome than a large RV or full camper vehicle. Read on for a brief guide to finding and selecting these sleeper sets.

Know Where to Look

The most important thing you'll need to realize when you go to buy a sleeper set for your truck bed is these sets come in all sorts of different configurations, sizes and models, and they can be difficult to find and discern from one another. The best way to begin your search, therefore, is to do a comprehensive scan of all of the possible dealers who may be able to help you find the ideal sleeper bunks for you. Begin online. Look for truck sleeper beds on your favorite search engine and be sure to put in information about the particular vehicle as well. You may also wish to look for retailers in your area who sell this equipment. If so, keep track of all of the sellers you find on a separate list.

Compare this list against a camping goods and/or custom car shop services list you compile from the phone directory listings in your area. Between these two, you should have a good number of potential resources in your community.

Select the Right Size, Shape and Design

Contact one of these services and request some additional information about truck sleepers for your particular vehicle. Because sleepers come in different sizes and shapes, it's important you're buying one that will fit properly with the truck before you enter into negotiations. Take some time to research the different options that will work for your vehicle. From there, you can decide which of those you like the best.

Compare Prices for the Best Deal

If you want to truly save money on a truck sleeper set, it's crucial you spend some time searching for a good deal. Contact all of the various companies you've listed. Look for individuals selling old campers and sleeper bunks in the local classified ads. Look for used and new bunks offered through online retail sites. With some searching, you'll be able to find the best deal on a quality used truck sleeper for your vehicle.

If you have any questions about the process of buying or installing a sleeper bunk, ask a mechanic or another professional for more help.

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