Utah Bill of Sale Form: How to Get One, Fill it Out, and the Required Information

January 27, 2012

If you want to sell a car in Salt Lake City (or anywhere else in Utah for that matter), you will need a Utah bill of sale form. In addition to the vehicle certificate of title, a form for a bill of sale needs to be completed by the buyer and the seller before the State will transfer the title into the new owner's name. When calculating state tax, the bill of sale purchase amount for the car is used to determine how much tax the buyer will need to pay.

How to Get a Utah Bill of Sale Form

The Utah State Tax Commission provides a simple bill of sale form that can be used when buying or selling a vehicle. The form is very simple and easy to fill out. In order to obtain the form, download state form TC-843 here. Save the form to your computer. You can then fill out the form using your keyboard and print it out.

Although the Utah State form TC-843 will suffice in most cases, the form is rather simple and may not contain all of the information you need for a good bill of sale contract. Therefore, you may want to download a bill of sale template from the Internet and customize it to suit your needs. You can search online to find bill of sale templates that are all legal to use in Utah. Simply enter 'Utah bill of sale form' in the text box and click the 'Search' button.

When searching for a bill of sale template form, consider downloading a template that also has a space for a notary public affidavit and stamp. A notary's stamp can be particularly useful if you are receiving payments on a vehicle, or if you want to protect yourself from liability issues after the vehicle is no longer  in your possession.

What Is Needed on a Utah Bill of Sale Form

If you choose to create your own bill of sale form with a word processor, or opt to download a bill of sale template, be sure that the form contains the following information regarding the sale of your vehicle:

  • Name and address of the buyer
  • Name and address of the seller
  • Date of the transaction
  • The odometer reading of the vehicle
  • The sales price for the vehicle
  • A description of the vehicle being sold
  • The VIN number of the vehicle
  • License plate number of the car
  • Signature of both parties

You should also include terms and conditions of the sale regarding a warranty. If you're selling the car to the buyer 'as is' and will not offer a warranty, you need to make sure that the bill of sale includes language to this effect.

Filling Out a Utah Bill of Sale

If you download the Utah State form TC-843, you'll see that it is very simple to understand, and you should have no problem following the prompts for entering the required information. As the form comes in an easy-to-use PDF format, you won't even need to fill in the form by hand, except when it's time to sign it. Likewise, templates that you download from the Internet are easy to follow and you should have no problem completing them.

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