Where to Buy Used Pickup Truck Campers

March 15, 2012

Learn more about the 4 main sources for picking up used pickup truck campers.

Pickup Truck Camper

Used pickup truck campers are useful for a variety of reasons. Used truck bed covers not only serve to protect the items that you store on the bed of your truck, but they can also serve as a cover for you if you choose to convert the bed of your truck into a camp site. With a good used truck camper set, you can convert your pickup truck into a small mobile home.

There are several places a used camper shell can be found.

  • Salvage lots. Salvage lots are the best place to begin your search. These businesses specialize in carrying old and broken down cars and the viable parts that can be stripped off of them. This may be the best place to find a camper by itself at a good price.
  • Dealers. A used car dealer sometimes will be willing to sell individual parts of the vehicles that he carries, although the price will likely not be as good as at a salvage lot.
  • Private sellers. Sometimes, private individuals choose to sell the campers for their trucks when no longer need them. Look in the local classified ads and on websites with auctions in your area for more information.
  • Online retailers. Some online retail shops sell individual components for pickup trucks. Make sure that you know exactly which model of camper you need before you buy it, as you may not be able to return the product after you've purchased it.
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