Where to Buy Used Truck Flat Bed Bodies

January 27, 2012

Unless you use it all the time, it may be in your best interest to get a used truck flat bed body, rather than a new one. Many people will use a flat bed frequently at ranches and small farms. There are several places you can find used truck flatbed bodies, particularly if you are in an agricultural area.

  • Magazines and Newspapers: You should check out truck sale magazines to see if there are any used flat bed bodies available or any dealers that are selling used flat bed bodies. These can be a great resource as you can get a good idea of the types of prices people are asking. It is unlikely you will find many ads in the local newspaper, though you can check any farm bulletins.
  • The Internet: As with almost anything, you can find used trucks, parts, flat bed bodies and accessories by searching online. There are many websites that offer a place for people to post their flat bed trucks and you should start searching to find sellers. If you can't see the flat bed in person then make sure you get as many specifics as possible. Some good companies that offer flat bed truck bodies online include www.800toolbox.com, www.nheby.com and www.qualitytruckjbodies.com.
  • Online Classifieds: There are several websites that strictly provide listings of used flat bed bodies for sale, one such example being www.truckpaper.com. The listings all contain excellent pictures and you will find all of the specifics needed to know if this flat bed body will fit your vehicle.

Flat bed bodies are a great way to get the work done but you need to ensure that it fits properly and is not too heavy before you buy.

Related Questions and Answers

How Many Types of Flat Pickup Beds are There?

There are four types of flat bed pickups available in the market today. Flat bed pickups are designed to have an open back and allow flexibility in hauling of cargo, which is of different shapes and sizes. The different flat bed pickup types are defined by the style of cabin used. The first type is double cabin, which is a four door pickup and can seat about five to six people. Then we have the standard cab, which is a two door and will seat three. The third type is the cab forward, which has the cabin placed on top of the front axle. Finally, there is the extended cabin pickup that has space behind the seat, which is used for various purposes. The flatbeds will also vary in size, shape and material used to construct, but they are distinguished according to the cabin used.

What is the Average Price Range of a Used Truck Bed Liner?

A used truck bed liner is a great accessory to your vehicle and buying it second hand can save you some money. The truck bed liner is useful in protecting the truck from scratches and dents, while carrying a load. The price of used truck bed liners will differ, depending on the type of bed liner in question. A used rubber truck bed liner will cost about $70, while a plastic one will go for anything between $160 to $300. There are also dual bed liners, which cost more, even when buying a used one. They will go for about $450. These prices of the used truck bed liners are much lower than the price of buying a new bed liner and would be a wise choice, especially if you only use the truck to carry things occasionally.

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