Where to Find a Ford Demo Car for Sale

January 27, 2012

Fans of the American auto maker may be looking for a Ford demo car, according to their philosophy of buying. Ford demo or showroom vehicles may be hard to come by, and different customers have their own opinions on whether to seek out these options.

Is a Ford Demo Car a Good Deal?

There are several different kinds of Ford demo car deals. In new car sales, a Ford demo car may be a Ford vehicle that has been kept in the showroom with a low number of miles on it. Where the car still counts as “new” because it has not been titled to a private owner. These kinds of deals can be less than great for the buyer if the dealership doesn’t count in the mileage. Salespeople may offer these deals at the dealership, but according to some auto experts, it’s “buyer beware”.

Finding Ford Demo Cars

Used Ford demo cars are a different matter. If you can find one of these vehicles in a slightly older model year, you’ll find that cars that have been kept as demos may have decreased in sale price without the usual wear and tear associated with private ownership. These Ford demo vehicles can be great bargains, but the trick is figuring out where they are.

  • Scope Out the Private Market – When you’re looking for your desired Ford demo car, you’ll want to canvass the local private market by looking through classified ads and other sale offers. This is especially important for a Ford Mustang demo car or other specialty car, where getting a demo deal depends on tracking down those who have had access to vehicles at local dealerships, namely, the sales staff, shop crew members, or other staffers. Look for Ford cars and trucks with low mileage relative to their model year.
  • Talk to Dealerships – By connecting with Ford dealerships around the country, you may  have a better idea of networking yourself into a deal on a Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Ranger or other demo car or vehicle deal. Since Ford is a domestic company, it can be easier to work through some dealerships that have a connection to headquarters.
  • Try Collective Lot Sites – Big lots like Carmax can be a source of Ford demo car deals. Sales staff at these lots may have their own demo car offers related to the Carmax showroom, or they may be able to show you a pre-owned former Ford demo car.
  • Use Online Searches – You can look for a Ford demo car bargain online, at mega-site craigslist, or at specialty sites offering a variety of Ford demo car choices. Use search engine results to focus your hunt for a bargain on one of these former showroom cars.

The above tips can help car shoppers to find Ford demo vehicles that will allow them to profit from buying into the Ford community at a lower price, and enjoying a relatively low mileage Ford car or truck. The Ford Motor Company continues to provide competitive new vehicles and incentives for North American customers, and still remains a popular brand for many American buyers.

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