Where to Find a Mercedes Demo Car for Sale

January 27, 2012

Lots of dealerships today are offering a Mercedes demo car as "new demos," where a car that has been driven in the showroom is offered as if it is a new car. Sometimes, good negotiators can get discounts on these vehicles and still retain the full warranty, etc. But other times, dealers are just getting away with offloading a "new" Mercedes vehicle that should be discounted because of its odometer. Some demo car buyers believe that where you really win out is in private deals, where buying from an original owner can get a buyer a gently used demo Mercedes for a lot less.

If you are looking for a Mercedes demo deal, here are some ideas for finding demos either straight from the dealer, or used from a private party.

  • Talk to the dealership. The general practice for new Mercedes demo deals is to negotiate directly with the dealership. You must know your chops in terms of new car negotiation if you want to benefit from this kind of purchase
  • Track down dealership employees. For a third-party used Mercedes demo deal, it's often necessary to find the people who could have bought these cars out of the showroom. Dealership sales staff or even shop crew members may have former demo cars that they are willing to part with at a good price
  • Talk to importers. Those who help to import the vehicles to the North American market may have ideas about who is selling demo cars. They can at least point you in the right direction in terms of base market prices
  • Use online forums. When it comes to specialty brands like Mercedes Benz, the proliferation of car owner forums and accessible online reader's resources may be good for learning about demo car deals. Take a look at fan sites like BenzWorld to find out about where others are looking for Mercedes Benz demo car deals
  • Check the local classified ads. When you're looking for unannounced deals for former demo cars, you're looking for vehicles where the model year doesn't match the mileage. When you see a low mileage Mercedes Benz, there's a good chance that it was a showroom demo car, or that it had a single owner who garaged it and rarely drove it. Either way, local ads can be a source for the kinds of benefits that a used Mercedes demo deal provides
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