Where to Find the Cheapest Used Truck Sales

June 9, 2014

If you're looking for the cheapest used truck sales where you can find the best prices, using the Internet will allow you to quickly and easily search many different sources from the comfort of your home.

Use CarsDirect
Your first stop should be here at CarsDirect. CarsDirect has over one-and-a-half million used vehicles listed on the website, including hundreds of thousands of used trucks from around the country. Before you look anywhere else—always check the CarsDirect website for some of the lowest used truck prices anywhere.

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Search for eBay Used Truck Auctions
You can use the eBay auction website to find incredible deals on all types of used trucks. You name your own price and submit a bid. You will be competing against other bidders on the website. If your bid is accepted, you can get the used truck of your choice at a very low price. Just be sure to investigate the truck and the seller before finalizing the transaction.

Visit the Craigslist Website
Classified ads have always been a great place to find really cheap used trucks, and Craigslist is the largest classified ads website in the world. You can use Craigslist to search thousands of classified ads that offer used trucks for sale by private party sellers. With so many used trucks available from all over the country, it is difficult not to find a really good deal. Craigslist allows people from major cities all over the country to post their ads, post pictures of their vehicles and leave contact information.

Visit the Trucks for a Grand Website
Trucks for a Grand is a niche website that actually displays vehicles listed on the eBay auction website. However, the Trucks for a Grand website only lists used trucks that are $1000 or less. If you're looking for the absolute cheapest used trucks available, Trucks for a Grand is an excellent place to start. Because there are so many used trucks available on eBay, using this website can help narrow your search.

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Pros and Cons of Finding Used Trucks through Classifieds

There are a lot of quotes out there for used trucks, including many online deals, but for a lot of buyers, the used car classifieds in the newspaper are a prime way to find bargains on a used truck.

Advantages of Classifieds

  • Local deals.One big advantage in the used car classifieds is that a discount deal is going to be local to your area. That means there's no haggling over shipping and transportation. Having a local seller means that you can go inspect the truck from top to bottom. Because so much of a used truck deal is riding on the specific conditions of the vehicle, there's no substitute for a physical inspection. A seller can post neat pictures of the engine and body online, but in the end, you really don't know what you're getting until you set eyes on the vehicle
  • Private party used truck sales. Local buyers also have the option of going to the dealership to look for a discount deal on a used truck. However, dealerships charge a lot for the services that they provide. They take in a truck, do any minor necessary repairs, put an inspection sticker on the vehicle and generally make sure that it's roadworthy. In some cases, this does save buyers money, since used trucks can be difficult to get inspected. On the other hand, the dealer marks up the vehicle, where you could get a lot better deal through the classified ads. One way to see this is by a simple blue book search for a used truck. You'll see that there are two different prices, one for a dealership suggested retail price, and one for a private party sale price. The difference between the two is what you can save on a good used truck private party deal

Disadvantages of Classifieds

  • Unknown condition.People seldom post anything negative about a vehicle they're trying to sell. Used trucks listed in use car classified ads may have problems that are not disclosed in the advertisement. Moreover, many car owners don't even know if the vehicle has a problem or not. For example, power steering pumps, hoses and belts or other things that may soon fail may have gone completely undetected by the car owner. So, when shopping the used-car classifieds, you should take descriptions of vehicles in great or excellent condition with a grain of salt until you can actually view the vehicle
  • Lack of a warranty.Although there are some rare exceptions, purchasing a used truck out of the used-car classifieds will usually result in a truck with no warranty. While you may be able to get a good deal, a lack of a warranty may prove to be very expensive when it comes to needed repairs
  • Unknown seller. Another potential drawback with purchasing a used truck from the classifieds is the simple fact that you don't know who the seller is. When dealing with an established new or used truck dealership, you can at least get a good idea about their reputation by asking people in the community or even checking with the Better Business Bureau. However, when you purchase a vehicle from a private party seller, you have no idea if the person is an honest seller or not--until after the transaction is completed. So, make sure that you ask many questions in order to gauge the reliability of the seller before making any deal

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