How to Find Used Dump Truck Pricing Online

January 27, 2012
used dump truck

If you are in need of a used dump truck for your business, you should take the time to research pricing on popular model dump trucks before making a purchase. By knowing what different model trucks are selling for, you will be able to make a more informed buying decision and possible negotiate a better deal when you do buy a used dump truck. So, here is a guide to help you find prices for used dump trucks on the Internet.

Step 1 – Search with an Internet Search Engine

If you want to find as many sources as possible for used dump truck pricing, then you should use your favorite search engine to search the Internet. You can use major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo to quickly find websites that offer information on used dump truck pricing. To begin your search, simply type in search terms such as “used dump trucks” or “used dump truck pricing” and click the search button. Afterwards, the search engine will display many relevant links that will lead you to web pages on sites that either have dump truck pricing information or link to other sites that do.

Step 2 – Visit Commercial Truck Shopping Sites

If you would rather avoid all of the clutter returned by the major search engines, you can visit commercial trucks shopping sites that offer used dump trucks for sale. For example, websites like,, and offer used dump trucks for sale on their websites. On these websites, you can choose between different options on used dump trucks, such as manufacturer, amount of horsepower, type of transmission and even the size of the dump bed. These websites all have hundreds of used dump trucks available for sale, and the pricing information listed on the sites will give you a good idea of what particular make and model dump trucks are selling for.

Step 3 – Visit Construction Forum Sites

Many construction related websites have forum areas for website members and users to post questions and answers about construction and construction related equipment. Because many construction companies used dump trucks during the course of their business, dump trucks are a popular topic on many construction forms. You can post questions about the pricing of different types of trucks and other forum members will post replies and answers giving you information about their own experiences when purchasing a used dump truck. This is also a great way to find dealers that are willing to make a deal and sell used dump trucks for a lower price. You can even get valuable information on used dump trucks regarding the quality and reliability of different makes and models.

Step 4 – Check Out Online Auctions

You can also find out what people are selling used dump trucks for by visiting online auction sites like Although the pricing on Internet auction sites may be somewhat lower than at the dealership, you can get in that good idea of what some trucks are being sold for and may be able to use this information to negotiate a lower price whenever you visit a dealership or contact an online dealer about a used dump truck.

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