Hybrid Used Car Prices vs. Gasoline Used Car Prices

January 27, 2012
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If you are interested in protecting the environment but you also want to save money, you may be interested in hybrid used car prices. You may be thinking about the hybrid car price comparison with the price for gasoline cars, and wondering if hybrids still cost so much more when bought used. In fact, while used hybrids are still more expensive than used gasoline powered cars, the gap between the prices is smaller. This means you will get a comparatively better deal when you choose a used hybrid over a used gasoline car, than a new hybrid over a new gasoline car. If there is a specific car that interests you, you can look it up in the hybrid used car price blue book values at http://www.kbb.com.

Why the Price Difference?

The reason why hybrids are so much more expensive than gasoline cars in general is because the technology used in hybrid vehicles is still relatively new and more expensive to produce. Since it costs more to make the cars, it will obviously cost more to buy them. This price difference goes down when the cars are sold used because the price drops so much in both circumstances that if a gasoline car were to drop that much in price it would be too cheap.

Specific Prices

Generally, the price of a hybrid car will drop around $5,000 per year after it is taken from the dealership, while the price of a gasoline car will only drop by between $3,000 and $4,000 per year. You can estimate the specific price for the kind of car you want by subtracting these amounts from the price of the car for each year after it was made.