Two Used Car Price Deductions for Cars over 100,000 Miles

January 27, 2012

If you are interested in saving money when you buy a car, you should definitely be looking at used cars in your area because used car price deductions are high and can lower the cost of a vehicle significantly. There are many ways deductions can be made in the price of a used car, including the age of the car, how far it has been driven and the car's condition. The most important of these is how far the car has been driven, because it is the most direct marker of how much the car has been used, and therefore, the likelihood it will continue working for a given amount of time. The following will give you information on two deductions that can be made on the price of a used car that has been driven for 100,000 miles or more.

High Mileage Discount

Although not every used car dealer has the same discount for cars that have been driven a long way, called the high mileage discount, 100,000 miles is far enough that almost all cars with over 100,000 miles will qualify for the high mileage discount at almost any used car dealership. The discount will be bigger for some dealers than others, so it is a good idea for you to look up the high mileage discount at each dealer before you go there.

Auto Condition

It is very rare to see a car with more than 100,000 miles that is in the same condition as the day it was bought. This means that any used car you try to buy will also have discounts for the various aspects of the car that lower its quality of condition. These may be for scratches in the paint, internal mechanical problems or a variety of other reasons.

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What are Some Good Cars with High Mileage?

Cars with high mileage is usually something that people stay clear of when they are buying a new used  car, because they worry that the car is more likely to break down that a car that has less miles on the block. Generally, this is true but good maintenance can improve this situation. When looking for a good car with high mileage check to make sure the car has a full maintenance record of MOTs and Services, all of which the vehicle should have passed. If the mileage is a result of long haul trips then the vehicle is likely to be in better condition than if the miles were off lots of short trips.

When Should you Start Using High Mileage Synthetic Oil?

High Mileage Synthetic Oil should be used in a car that has over seventy five thousand miles, rather than continuing to use regular synthetic oil. The advantages of using high mileage synthetic oil rather than regular synthetic oil are numerous including: Cleaning properties, the high mileage oil is able to get rid of the sludge from the engine, which will make the car run more efficiently and the engine sound nicer. It is also able to reduce leaks, the high mileage oil is thicker than regular synthetic oil therefore it is not as prone to leakages. Finally both synthetic oils will be better than using actual oil as it is better for the environment and function better at extreme temperatures.

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