Typical Used Truck Sleeper Pricing

March 11, 2020

On a cross country haul, naps are often taken in the front passengers seat or occasionally in truck stop bunk, but a used truck sleeper is an affordable way to add some comfort to your rig and help you get a good night's sleep anywhere on your long route. Used truck sleepers are often a fraction of the cost of new one, and can pay for themselves in only a few runs. So, here are some average prices on popular models of used trucks sleepers.

Freightliner 64" Classic Double Sleeper

This sleeper is popular because of its comfort, durability and affordability. You can find these dependable sleepers at many truck shops and they can be had for between $750 and $1,000. It gives a single driver an abundance of space and is even big enough for couple driving teams.

Kenworth T800 72" Aerodyne

This is an extremely popular double sleeper that has plenty of sleeping space and even a little extra space for storing bags and clothing. The Aerodyne shape also helps improve fuel economy on Kenworth trucks where it is installed. For sleepers between 2003 and 2009, you should expect to pay between $1,300 and $2,000 for this high-end sleeper.

Mack CH613 60" Sleeper

This classic Mack 5 foot single sleeper has been popular for many years. In fact, there are thousands of used CH613 sleepers available and they can be had for as little as $400 for a slightly older model and up to $1000 for models that are only one or two years old. The affordability of this sleeper makes it very popular for single drivers or drivers on a budget.

Related Questions and Answers

How Much Does a Pickup Truck Sleeper Conversion Typically Cost?

It is too impractical to quote a typical cost for converting a pickup truck sleeper, as there are so many factors to take into consideration. In order to get an estimated cost, get in contact with one of the companies that are able to carry out the work, and give them a description of the truck. They should be able to help you out. Factors that are taken into consideration include, the size of the area, and if there are any additional features wanted in the sleeper other than something to sleep on. For example, some large haul truck drivers like being able to shower after they sleep, and others have a TV for when they take driving breaks.

What are the Top 3 Companies for a Semi Truck Sleeper?

Most companies do not just specialize in semi truck sleeper systems. They tend to give the buyer a choice between full size truck sleepers and the small semi. The third most popular semi truck sleeper company is Weldon Manufacturing. This company is situated in Fort Worth. The company coming in second is Indiana Custom Trucks. A well established company paving the way in truck sleepers since 1990, and can be found in LaGrange. However, they are trumped to the post by another Fort Worth company called AA Truck Sleeps, which get first place. They have been established for over 30 years and offer smaller semis than the Indiana Custom Truck company.

Where can I Buy a Truck Sleeper Mattress?

A truck sleeper mattress is used by long haul truck drivers, so that they can sleep between jobs in a truck stop. If truck drivers had to check into service stations every time they needed to sleep, then it would cost a lot of money over time. It is important that long haul truck drivers are well rested so that they can drive safely. You can buy truck sleeper mattresses at SDI Products, which requires truck drivers to fax their orders through to them. Alternatively, they can purchased at Mattress Insider starting at $189, and for another $100, you can get yourself a memory foam mattress for a comfier sleep.

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