Used Car Value Assement for Pricing Your Car to Sell

March 11, 2020

When listing your car for sale, avoid taking the Kelly Blue Book used car value too literally. Learn to consider other factors in your pricing.

Car Value

When it's time to put an older vehicle up for sale, it's important to know as much as possible about your used car value to make sure you can negotiate the best sale price. Here are some basic guidelines for pricing a used car to sell.

The Kelley Blue Book will give you a good accurate picture of what your used car is worth. Price at or just below the private party sale price for a good chance at a sale. Cars priced above the blue book value will most likely be a hard sell.

Analyze the Local Market

If you want to make your car competitive in the local market, evaluate how the prices of cars in your area compare with the Blue Book values. Search for comparable cars in private classified ads and through used car dealers. Take an average of the prices you find and compare it with the Kelley value. This should help to give a sense of how the market is in your area.

Price to Conditions

The condition of your vehicle's interior and exterior is going to be one of the main factors affecting the sale price. You can address this in one of two ways; fix up the interior or exterior is much as possible, or give the buyer a small discount based on any cosmetic damage, or worn conditions of the exterior or interior of the vehicle.

Price According to Features

All of the features on a vehicle can add to the sale price, but only if they still work. You can fix broken features before sale, although in many cases the cost of the work will be more than any gain you will see. Price up the car a little for its useful features, but give buyers a discount for features that no longer function.

Factor in Mileage

You want to price the vehicle reasonably according to how much mileage the new driver will get out of it. Look at other used cars sold by the same automaker to find out what you can generally expect for an engine with a certain mileage on the odometer.

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