Where to Go for Classic Car Quotes

March 2, 2012

The web is only one resource for classic car quotes. Other options have their own unique advantages.

Classic Car

If you are shopping for a classic car, it helps to know where to find car quotes for classic cars. Not all car dealerships sell classic cars, and sometimes even large online car dealers may not have a good selection of classic cars available.

Online Sources for Classic Car Quotes
Visit websites like Hemming's Classic Cars and AutoTrader Classics and browse their inventory of classic used cars from around the country. Both of these websites have thousands of quality classic used cars listed by classic car dealerships and private party sellers from all over the country. Regardless of the type of classic car that you are looking for, you will probably be able to find it at one of these websites.

Classic Car Quotes in Your Area
Depending on where you live, finding quotes for classic cars in your local area may be as simple as driving to your areas "Auto Row" and browsing a dealership's classic car inventory. On the other hand, there may be no classic car dealerships at all in your area. If there are classic car dealerships in your area, you should be able to easily find them by searching your local phone directory's Yellow Pages and look for automobile dealerships that specialize in classic cars. Alternatively, you could search for classic car clubs in your area and ask members the best places to find good prices on classic cars.

Lowing the Price Tag on Classic Car Quotes

A classic car is defined as any vehicle which is 25 years old or older. Lowering the price may not always be an option, but there are some avenues to explore.

Look for Elderly Sellers
There are many elderly people who hold on to their belongings, including their car. This is a great opportunity to get a classic car for a lower price than at a specialty dealership. It is important to look at the condition of the car. Some cars may have sat in a driveway or garage for years and may not have been driven for a long period of time. Also, when loved ones lose an elderly family member, items get sold. This is another opportunity to negotiate a low price tag.

Visit an Auction
Auctions are another place to look. Do not pay for listings of auctions which have classic cars, because they can easily be found on the Internet. These auctions may have a lot of people attend, so there's a bit of competition. If the classic car needs some work, it can be easier to lower the price tag. The more work needed, the more power for the buyer.

Work in Teams of Two
There are specialty dealerships which primarily focus on selling classic cars. When visiting one, remember the salespeople have tricks and strategies of their own. Lowering the price means using your own tricks. Go in teams of two. This will allow the good cop, bad cop scenario to play out. One will be for buying the car, while the other is against it. Most salespeople will lower the price to attempt to make the sale.

Look for Project Cars
Look online. There are project classic cars which can be purchased for a low price. Restored cars can also be found. Since the sellers are private, there can be more room for price negotiating. With restored vehicles, prices may be high because of the parts replaced or added.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Hemmings Classic Car Website Equivalent to the Magazine?

The Hemmings Classic Car sales magazine is one of the most popular magazines for use in buying and selling classic and muscle cars. The cars for sale that can be found on the website will normally be found in the magazine. However, since the website can be updated quite easily and quickly, the information on the site will be fresher than what is contained in the magazine. The website will more readily reflect recent sales and vehicle available for sale than the magazine is capable of showing. The website will also allow you to search the database of available vehicles much more quickly and easily than with the magazine.

What Sources are Regarded as the Best Classic Car Finder Listings?

There are a number of excellent classic car finder websites available for your perusal when you're looking for a classic or collector car to buy. One of these is Hemmings. At this website, you can search an extensive database of classic cars that are available for sale. Cars Online is another that specializes in collectible and classic cars. This site also has a large searchable database of cars that are available for sale. Classic Cars.com is a site at which you can search a huge database of classic, collectible, antique and muscle cars that are available for sale nationwide.

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